Springblossom Stream Preview Notes


I do egg missions every day, still 3k sigils to be saved are better for me. Here is my math :slight_smile:

I have elite and 100%. That gives me 116 / 232 / 464 tokens for 1h / 4h / 20h missions. 125% will give me 132 / 261 / 522 tokens. Each day I do the 20h mission, let’s say, 3 4h missions (morning, evening and one somewhere during the day) and 5-8 1h mission. Let’s take 8, so 125% will look better. So, each day I have 464 + 3 * 232 + 8 * 116 = 2088 tokens. With 125% it will be 522 + 3 * 261+ 8 * 132 = 2361 tokens. The season lasts 365 / 4 = 91 day. Bonus is not from the beginning, but again, let’s count like it is.

With 100% I will get 91 * 2088 = 190 008 tokens. With 125% it will be 214 851, which is 24843 tokens extra. Now, what is better - 3.15k sigils or 24843 tokens? Let’s compare them using rubies. If you farm tokens, with 100% bonus and elite account you get 80 tokens for 30 rubies (level of zeppelin doesn’t matter, as the cost in rubies scales with amount of tokens). Ok, let’s take 90 tokens (which 125% bonus give us). So, to farm 24843 tokens I will need 24843 / 90 * 30 = 8280 rubies (or 9316, for 100% bonus). How many rubies I will need to get the 3.15k sigils that I’ve spent on this bonus? From 10 supersigil chests we get about 1250 sigils or so for each 5k rubies in average, if we take into account the bonus chest after each 30 opened chests. 3150 / 1250 * 5k = 12.6k rubies.

So, to summarize for those, who are not sleeping yet and haven’t scrolled down in fear of numbers… For 125% bonus, I will spent 3.15k sigils extra, and will receive 24.8k tokens. Same amount of tokens I could get by farming, if I spent 9.3k rubies. Same amount of sigils I could get by supersigils, if I spent 12.6k rubies. Since I always open supersigils at the end of season, I would better take 3.15k sigils.

There is additional bonus of 125% bonus - prizes from two lines of eggtoken bonus, which I’m not including (could be also converted to rubies for comparison). I don’t think it will add much, and at the same time, in calculations I’ve used like I have 125% for the whole season. Due to that, 100% is better for me than sigils. If you farm during season - 125% will be better, since you get those extra again and again, and at some point it overweights the 100% - because of the difference 80 vs 90 tokes for 30 rubies. But I don’t farm - so 100%.


removed, someone else already answered this


Agreed only elite packages and got uvs completed and always scored over 180k on breeding event with just the 100% getting the discount in the first 2 weeks is always my highest priority then token boost up to 100% boost then if I am doing really well and have sygils to spare after getting 2nd dragon I will get the 125% boost


And 20 hours of your life. It’s only a better deal if your time has zero value.

That’s one big condition, out of the last four seasons I only opened super sigils in two. In this winter season and past summer, 3k extra sigils would’ve been almost completely useless to me.


You don’t actually need 20h to farm 9.3k roobs worth of tokens, just saying.


If your only get first page then it’s a underlvld rider, now you need both pages to get to lvl 50 as they have removed the gear


What’s do you mean get a mythic? I’m never that lucky. Plus, I can hardly complete a single branch. Discounted, sure. But not discounted, nope. We’ll see if I can really get Zenko.


There is zero luck involved in getting a mythic, really. Just planning and a lot of grinding (or spending).


We’ll I don’t spend so it looks like I’m grinding


Excellent choice, I’m in the same boat. Don’t forget the planning bit though, or you may end up a bit short of a mythic every season. Better to save all rubies and chests for one or two seasons and then easily get a mythic the next one. I spent very little in the crappy summer season, and had plenty of rubies and chests to grab Pathox in fall. Skipped on the mythics again this winter so getting one in spring will be easy. Or if they turn out sucky, I can skip another season and have an even easier mythic in summer.


Okay, got it. Thanks


Well, offensive rider is one line. Getting possibly the festive costs the same as a line too. And you said you would do some of discount too, so that’s quite a lot


Somewhat disappointing, the 50% more timers mentioned in the stream have become 40%, while the “40% or 50% more embers” became more like 19%. It’s still an increase while pricing stays the same, so not too bad, just not as nice as initially announced. Extra runedust is also a nice one.

edit: Credit to pqhiggins twitter for the image


And a lot more gold chests have become just 1 gold chest more , I really hope what @PGChocolate promised live will really happen


Lol I’ll never think of that dragon the same again …


I do believe a fair comparison would be these 3 lines Vs 2 prior lines and the mythic one. I don’t know for sure the contents but it may add a bit more in comparison.

Anyway it seems better, just not as much as I was made into believe.


"Prize quantities have improved a lot!!!

Everything is relative… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s not 20 hours. About 3 or so, if you do 1 mission per minute. And, what’s more important, you will spend that time only if you need more tokens. I have enough tokens to keep the breeding progress - it is limited now by base levels. 24k extra tokens per season is 8k extra per months. Good to have if you lack similar amount. In my case I would prefer to spend sigils on one of the branches directly, since I always need them.


Well have you seen the rider comparison? (i dont know if PQ did one up)


havent seen it yet but saw the graphic for the branches and ronin

so rider is 17/17 ap/hp sounds interesting