Springblossom Stream Preview Notes


Only main issue I have is the shards and embers swap and the amount of embers not being worth the loss of shards at this point.


But who on this green earth actually needs more ice/fire shards?


I do and I can’t be the only 1


Can I give you mine to shut you up? :kissing_heart:


I’ll shut up for fire shards :blush:


I claim the pearls, embers, and egg tokens.


Yes give me yours and I will shut up about the loss of shards and the less then equal amount of embers that replace them :slight_smile:


Where you claiming Pearls at ?




Wouldn’t you like to know? :smirk:


If your still need shards it feels your going something wrong, but sure each to his own.
I’m still hoping they will remove that currency and make all to embers instead


And swap ICE and fire for ember :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Atleast if they are removing 5k shards give us 5k embers not 1950.


Embers are higher quality so not even trade.


Got me laughing so hard at 2:20 AM.



Either I can’t count ,I am missing something or we went down on gold chests received per branch now I am only counting 81.


Did you look at the third page ?


Oh crap there is a 3rd page now no I didn’t


is it safe to say that the festive will NOT be a hunter? probably a sorc or warrior?


No. Say, 25% Hunter, 25% Sorcerer, 25% warrior, 25%…