Springblossom Stream Preview Notes


There are multiple approaches ronin can take to an island, not just a one trick pony cough surt corth cough, excuse me.

I love your next sentence though because after identifying a weakness in his game play (meaning, if you have screwed up and are locked in his cycle, you are now in a moment of weakness as a result of your mistake), you go on to say that he will get nerfed… they contradict each other.


Just think of the fun he’ll be to learn to fly. One example, maybe burn slice and thrust on rage drain island and queue up execute on approach to kill island. Might change the whole thought process behind the rage drain. I haven’t flown him yet, but have been thinking of various scenarios against different base setups. That’s what makes this game fun, not autopiloting a bird around the same territory doing the same thing a million times.




Is this the one tested v.s. announced? Not asking for change or anything. Just clarification.


p.s. Anyone with Ronin has ever run out of Adaptive Immunity?

Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?

Maybe it’s been said already, but why o why do we have to buy the avatars with sigils? I don’t want the choice, I don’t need 6 different ones. Just restore it the way it was: one for free :pray:please



Used to Old logic (portrait for free, increased tier = increased cost), the portrait will be free, BUT we get increased total cost (34k approx)…


That doesn’t sound like an improvement to me :thinking:


I sort of agree, but only with the change for rider stones. While I mostly like the change, that will hurt f2p for sure.


What choice are you referring to? If you want to finish a line it’s not exactly a choice anyway. Before if it was free and you wanted to finish a line, you still had to click it and get it in order to progress down the line. I really don’t see the difference in portrait free but stone 800 sigils vs portrait 400 plus stone 400…


Not sure if that’s possible, even flying over a mission base at minimum speed you’d be hard pressed to reach 3m20s.


Lmao! New goals!


Everything in the notes is from the streams (or intended to be :rofl: - there’ve been times things either change or were misheard).


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