Springtime pack

If you made it $4.99 and made it giftable I think you’d have another home run. As it sits…meh.



ya not great. why limit it to one each?

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From what I’ve heard it’s a one time deal and for the price I only see it being valued purchased twice, unless I’m wrong. Of course the value only sticks if it’s half the price of what it is right now because I’m not going for $10.

Yeah this doesn’t scream good value to me… 5 bucks or double the goods…

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DON’T BUY IT! When comparing to the ruler pack (assuming all rubies to gold chests) the springtime pack would give 80g chests vs the 112.5g chests from ruler pack. 8000 egg tokens vs 1250(difference of 6g chest drops), and 40 frags(difference of 13g chest drops. Even accounting for the guaranteed drops its still a gold chest difference of value of 13.5g chests. besides all that you cant even buy more than one, NOT WORTH IT!


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