Springveil Badge Chest - How are they calculated?

So I’ve noticed after every battle I do in Atlas I get some of these chests for springveil badges… only thing is the way it’s calculated seems totally random. Some battles I’ll get 20 of them, some only like 5.

What’s the determining factor and how is it calculated? Trying to get max chests so i can hopefully finish seasonal +20/+20 prizes. Thanks in advance.

It’s based on the total amount of glory you earn. However I forget the conversion rate of glory to chest :see_no_evil:


That’s what I thought too… last 2 battles I did, I got 1500 glory for 16 chests… then 1900 glory only 5 chests???

OK so it’s not linear it’s in increments of 1250 … maybe I got a bonus on another one or something… I’ll try some more runs and report whatever I get if it’s different from that. Thanks mech.

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I’ve been getting just over 1k badges when I open 10 at a time.

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