Springveil is gone?

Just got reload for updated content and theme is gone?

Lost it here too…

Edit: though oddly enough I still have the angler fish instead of the normal whale. I kinda miss the darker theme. My eyes are fairly sensitive to light and the springveil theme was less stressful on them than the “normal” theme.

In my device, Springveil Layout is not gone

The value packs are gone as well. Only starter and super pack left. A bug?

Angler fish to the rescue!

It is possible the Spring map and value packs are being affected by the implementation of Atlas Seasons. I’m checking in with the team right now. Hang tight!


It’s gone on my main and my alt (iPad Pro 10.5” model and iPhone SE respectively).

Reinstall you apps wardragons if Value Pack in store is gone?


(yes complete sentence you fool AI)

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Me too

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Wow, your Egg Token is too much :heart_eyes:

We’ve got word from the team that this should be fixed now. Could you all try restarting your game and see if the Spring map + value packs are back?

Thanks! :smiley:

Ok, i’ll check it… thanks, before

Still no packs, springveil map and also my egg token boost disappeared at the same time

Can you hard quit and reload?

I’ve tried force closing and also restarting device and still nothing

I have the springveil theme back on my main account. not sure about on my iphone (I assume that it’s back there too :blush:)

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Why haven’t I been able to see angler?:sob:

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If you’ve got the spring map, it’s there, we swear! Keep tapping the water and it should appear for ya!

I mean even with springveil theme, out of 16x taps, a few have no animation (just the sound)

Not so much really. No big deal but all I have ever gotten was a splash.

Unless it only appears every 50 splashes or something, then I’m not that worried about seeing it.