Springveil is gone?


That’s really odd! It should be available to everyone. I’ll let the team know it’s not showing up for certain players - sorry about that!


Not a big deal, I have literally tapped over 100 times and just get the white splash. Mimics my luck whenever I went fishing so was a bit comforting.



he doesnt appear on my Galaxy S8 either… (Android Oreo Version)

only on my Ipad 5 he appears if i tap the water :grin:


I’m pretty sure nobody on Android has the angler fish, just as we don’t have people working on the base island.


My Android didn’t have the angler before but now does when everything else has reset to normal… :joy:


Really? I’ll have to go look for it later then!

I have noticed some drastic frame rate drops recently so maybe the engine was given a makeover on Android (with its issues of course)…


This happened again.


Now that it’s bright and tropical again I finally got the angler fish!


Yes! I still have the angler fish, but all that dark stuff is gone and my map, even on attacks, is nice and bright again!

Dont. Fix. It!

Unless youre gonna blame me for taking advantage of a glitch, being able to actually see the base im attacking…


Hopefully they won’t make Summer theme extra bright :sun_with_face:


Spring map is gone, but packs are fine here. I do have the angler, though.


Same. I like the angler!


Can we actually get rid of spring map?


I would love to see some of the silhouetted tower operators on the beach with umbrellas and fruity drinks.


Same here…I’ve tried and never able to see it
Like you said I’m not worried about it either lol just odd


Ive got no springtime, no angler and no whale. Ive never had the angler. It isn’t right Im being excluded from the fun. I’ll accept a compensation pack of 50k sigils


My springveil is gone again too. And also both my current builds and research have had an extra 7 days added to the wait time since the update


As long as they made it slightly darker.
I used Kelvin, and I can see nothing past the tomb shield :sob:
It’s so white …


Up until the Springveil theme is removed, no angler jumped.
Even the whale is gone now :sob:

I hope I can see the angler jumping for once.
Even in the form of Angler Fish Dragon…


lol, I just realised that I don’t have the Map on the left side of screen
I’m trying to reinstall my game again and I’m pretty much sure it goes fail again cuz we have records on it