Springveil is gone?


Don’t challenge PG, you will be surprise what they can do. :man_shrugging:


Aaagh! My eyes! Just as I was getting used to the darkness, they go and turn the lights on. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:


man lol, I ve done enough to write reports every week if I had a issue or glitched in everything that u couldn’t image lol.
if u don’t write it clearly with all details included like a research report, they will piss u off or never reply to you tho…


they always give me unwanted surprise in every update, we all gonna suffer from it


I thought the change was intentional. I like it better now. Please don’t change it back.


The Springveil map is no longer in use as of the latest update! Say your heartfelt good-byes to the darker theme, because I know you have them. :wink:

Version 4.30 Release Notes

I never got the angler fish during the spring theme and now my whale is gone too. Does this mean my aquatic friend is gone forever?


That’s such a sad, sad aquatic-less life. You’ve tried tapping a whole bunch on the water, but still no whale friend? :cry:


Yep, ive tapped every possible spot multiple times. No whale friend :sob::sob::sob::whale2:


Awww, I’m sorry! I hope you get your whale friend back soon. In the meantime, here’s some whale friends of your own:

(This one’s from Steven Universe, a show I am obsessing over right now, but hey! Special Pink Whale for you!)


Oh darn :frowning: I liked the Springveil theme better. My eyes are sensitive to screen light so the dark theme really helped reduce eyestrain for me.


Springveil theming is done, but the Springveil season is still ongoing? :confused:

Can I also get a head start on summer sigils then?:innocent:


True, not sure where the logic is.

@PGCrisis The Springveil Season lasts for another 3 weeks. Why remove the theme and not even mention it in the patch notes?


My whale left when the fish was supposed to show up and has not returned either. certainly not a priority but think the key was the fish change.

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Well thats disappointing. I loved the Springveil theme. I thing this should have been included in the patch notes, because I thought something was wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


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