Springveil Season - Second Wave


"Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!"


Anyone else think that Formhar kinda looks like he’s wearing pilot goggles on his forehead or is that just me?


Actually technically a blink is when you cloak pre turn, turn and kill/sand the blue then cloak again. The blue will disable cloak before you can kill/sand it, thereby removing the cooldown.


In my book, that’s a stutter, and a blink is cloaking/shifting an incoming projectile, but everyone has their own vernacular :man_shrugging:t3:


I actually like how he looks… really drives home the “cul the weak”


Well yeah it was all about the lockdown spell…
I just threw the cloak in at beginning lol because it’s
Cool it’s zero rage.

Idk but Above said has heard it can lockdown 3 but has only managed 2…Sounds A lot like sand!
Especially from far away with Sand except it does no damage and comes back in 12 secs! That’s a bummer

I’m not saying he’s a uselsss dragon idk I haven’t flown him but if they were going to do a remake of a spell just slightly different would have much preferred Sand.


Sand would be better but not all dragons are the same.


Entrap is having radius same as Enfeeble or Ice shock.
So you can entrap 3 towers in most locations where 3 towers are lined up beside each other.
I made video of my first flight on alt with entrap in tough location on mid long and castle island. Hope it helps. Fomhar is level 4


Wow, nice job. I definitely need to practice aiming Entrap, I’ve been focusing more on using Autumn’s Reap instead. Should probably change my strategy.
My Fomhar is still level 3 though :joy:


Thanks that’s great!


Use entrap to trap damaging towers and blue mages , then use autmn’s reap to kill all.


It actually does a lot, thanks!

Not bad but the original lockdown spell was such a weak spell I still kind of hate anytbing related to it! Lol
But this does look like it’ll be useful! They should have just thrown sand on him instead of getting fancy lol


Lol sand would have been good but I think this is a nice change. Neat to work with.


More skill required this way, also lockdown used to be super great before they fixed an old glitch


Not the greatest example of a base but here’s what I got… Entrap didn’t do what I intended it to (go between the front three towers) on that first short island and I hit the storm instead (Did I cast it too early?) A pal joined me and got that farm lol. Can’t seem to get it.


Its early cast exactly like what happens with sand i think.
You should cast just a moment after turn is complete .


By the looks of it, you missed your first shot… and by that i mean, you aimed into the storm, as opposed to in front of it, the hitbox will count all 3 if you aimed slightly closer to yourself


Yeah, I aimed for the front three, thought it landed, then went for the storm :cold_sweat:


Ok cool, thanks. If I’m really quick, I can disable a mage before it blocks Autumn’s Reap, can’t I?


I am not that good yet, but heard that Noctua can vine before blue mage starts hitting.
Someone who has big dragons or can do it with entrap would be better person to answer that.