Springveil Season - Second Wave


Yes I’ve seen this live on a stream before. @Doc hit @coach with a Noc and disabled the rage drain before any supershot could fire


Wow. I’d kill to see a video of that :dizzy_face:


is very good


Entrap doesn’t lock Fire Turret shots, when they are at front of a island… Is my of the spell timing is bad or a bug? Fomhar is very fun to play with, but with defenders and kill island, odds are not in its favour…


you should hit before it starts charging, otherwise it will fire.


yes just like flying Avyx


Someone know the values for the runes yet please?


“air bean”


Epic Rune of the Harvest: Increases Autumn’s Reap Duration

Base value: +0.10s
Upgrade: +0.10s per level
Max: +0.40s

Legendary Rune of the Harvest: Increases Autumn’s Reap Duration

Base value: +0.50s
Upgrade: +0.10s per level
Max: +0.90s

Mythic Glyph of the Harvest: Increases Autumn’s Reap Duration and Hunter Ammo

Base value: +1.00s / +1.00
Upgrade: +0.20s / +0.00 per level
Max: +2.00s / +1.00


That’s a 7 second spell… pretty good for what it can do


Yes, 7.3s duration with all runes/glyphs maxed plus 1 ammo :slight_smile:


I’d put a rage rune instead of the epic though…


he needs crazy rage imo as well. demanding AF.
I am thinking if i use Mythic rune of storm ( saved for Hau initially )


I’m buffing my Hau so he’s gonna miss out for now…


I suppose the best setups are either 3x Harvest 2x Rage or 2x Harvest 3x Rage.


Thank you, good info


I’m holding off on putting the mythic rune on him for now until I see how good he is. I might save the ammo rune for a better dragon. I’m just not happy with that entrap spell. Compared to sand it really sucks.
It’s not permanent
It doesn’t do damage
It should have a bigger area, but in reality it’s hard to make that happen.
I will keep practicing. If I get better at it and he seems worth it, I will put the final rune on him. :slight_smile:


I honestly hope we never see sand or vine again… a white spells lock down should not be permanent IMO. I think the radius is fine. I’d support the idea of adding some damage too it, though.


Yeah i hoped some damage boost to autmn’s reaper spell would be nice.


I’m in a similar boat. I think I’ll wait to see how his seasonal runes do on him. With maxed seasonal runes and nothing else, he regens about 2 rage during the duration of Reap, which isn’t bad. Any rage runes you put on him will get extra value, though. (Since they turn Entrap into a rage-positive spell vs. far towers.)