Springveil Season - Second Wave


@PGCrisis this is not working with dragon swapping. Hit a tower with Entrap and immediately swap. There should still be at least 11 seconds left on the 12 second timer. But the next dragon finds the tower already unlocked. Please confirm if this is intended behavior (system delay during swapping runs down timer).

I feel like only flying time should count. Not waiting for the next dragon to connect or waiting for the user to choose a dragon. That should be like “time out” period. Thanks


isn’t the whole point of giving it a timer (but a long one) is that it fully benefits the dragon but NOT the follower?


Possibly. Not sure what the intent was. Thats why I am asking. @PGCrisis ?


Just for fun I used Entrap on the front tower of my invader, swapped and my second dragon found the tower still entrapped.
Not sure why it doesn‘t work for you.
I‘m playing on iOS if that helps.


I was going to say the same thing actually


Jumping in on this, entrapped lasted long enough for my next dragon. I actually expected it to expire by the time hau got there and it messed me up.


It is possible to beat the 12 second timer with the follow, if you’re following yourself and you choose quickly.

Cant beat it with a team mate follow no matter what you do. System delay alone consumes 15 seconds.


What kind of phone and OS do you use for it to take 15sec?!


Real world?


I’ve had the same problem with fire turrets firing even after being hit with entrap. Shouldn’t be an issue when I get vanish unlocked but still slightly annoying…


This happened to me also. Fire turret kept shooting (and killed me) after entrapped. But mine was not on the front of the island it was in the back. I think it doesnt matter where they are located.




This is kinda interesting since most freezing type spells not only work after it starts charging, they even work when the projectile is already in the air.

Is Entrap behaving differently than lockdown? I kinda want to go try it with lockdown and see what happens.


It’s not a freeze type spell, it’s a disable spell, like lockdown, sand and vines. By the icon, it’s based off the lockdown spell. Lockdown will do the same thing.


I tested it with an add on lockdown and I confirm that you are correct, lock down behaves the same way. In fact, I locked down one fire turret definitely before it even started charging and it still got a shot off. It appears that lock down allows one shot from fire turrets after being locked, regardless of when they are locked.

This is PROBABLY a bug in the original lockdown which was then inherited by Entrap since it is basically just a white lockdown.


If it turns towards you, then it’s going to fire, if it’s locked down before it recognizes you, it won’t fire :man_shrugging:t3:


This is indeed intended behavior. Entrap’s spell (effect and duration) does not carry over to following Dragons. If you’re experiencing different behavior than this, please let us know!


Real world meaning someplace other than xp base- someplace with mages and that might have a defender. I definitely wouldn’t use her in a war situation- unless you are going for someone beneath you- with very weak farms… lol


the hedgehog of lockdowns? swoosh swooshh


entrap spell still cannot beat sanded and NVine spell which is more easy to use:heart_eyes: