Springveil Season - Second Wave


If everything was so easy … :triumph: :zipper_mouth_face:


and have you seen the glitch where you are in cloak but the fire ball still coming at you :rofl:


I don’t think I want to see that :neutral_face:


I must be missing it somewhere…but which prize number in the line is Terris suppose to be exactly? I see rider ‘shards’ (leafs), but no rider…


You always buy the rider with the first currency, so price 7 actually allows you to buy the rider from the rider list.


Gonna blame the medication on this one lol… I had it in my head that it came with the avatar portraits. Now that I read the shards it says ‘obtain and…’ totally makes sense.


I still can’t decide… I’m torn between Samhrad & Nollaig. I don’t really like hunters because their health (like gargulas) is garbage. Gargula is supposed to be my top dragon & he dies so fast. My 2 sorcerers Kinnarus & Equestor are beasts


of all the nice dragons, you compare them to Gargula pos :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The whole point of hunters is to not get hit, so they don’t need health. Also it’s just 10% lower than sorcerers.

Gargula needs a lot of practice to fly well, and even then it’s not a strong hunter by any measure. But my Avyx and Aibrean are clearing bases nearly twice my level, where Equestor would not kill a single tower.


Lol I know Gargula is trash.

My Equestor can take out bases twice his strength too. I actually prefer him over Kinnarus in certain situations. Dark Flak + Red Mage = death for Kinnarus


if you are good with sorcerer, pick sorcerer. how simple is that :smile:


What is your level? Higher Kinn has Invincibility too


I’m 64 right now I believe


lol not so simple when I hear reviews of Samhrad being garbage :joy:


Don’t believe everything you read… a lot of players complain because they want a white spell… you’ll get a lot of reviews from people who don’t even have the dragon


WHAT??? no white spell! complete garbage!!!


People sounding off on dragon quality often breaks down into a dichotomous argument: Overpowered or Not. If Not, then the dragon is assumed to suck at all things and be useless for always and forever.

Samhrad is not overpowered. His spells can be countered by mage towers (i.e., no white spells), making him less than ideal for war attacks. I imagine, however, that he would be pretty good at clearing XP bases and/or Atlas Invader bases, because mage towers do not enter the equation.

I don’t think Samhrad will be as good at this (clearing XP/Atlas bases) as, say, Equestor, just because Equestor’s rage generation is absolutely insane. But for those who don’t have Equestor and would like to have a good dragon that can blow through XP bases (at the right level), I don’t see why Samhrad would be a bad choice.

There’s also the consideration of level. Many times, people who conclude “Dragon = Bad” on the forums are thinking in terms of their own level and the bases they are likely to be trying to kill. High-level players on teams that participate in high-tension war activities are looking to min/max, so a dragon’s weaknesses will make them a deal breaker for those players. But a lower-level player hanging out in a more casual environment where wars are not automatically determined by the number of successful defenses (and by proxy, the number of unsuccessful attacks) may actually be able to get a lot of mileage out of Samhrad.

I got the discounted hunter (for the rewards along the way) and the first rider for the season, and that’s all I really cared about. But with half the season still to go, I’m looking at maybe enough sigils to get one of the other three dragons to Harbinger. At this point, I’m leaning toward Samhrad, not because I’ll use him for wars (where either Neptus or Equester will likely be my go-to dragons for eternity), but because he would be fun outside of wars.


Well put reaper
Btw alibrean shines for invader bases😎


That’s a really good way to put it. I think I’ve just had such good luck with Kinnarus, Equestor, & even Sage that I’m looking for one to match them. I’ve had pretty bad luck with Spindra, Gargula, & Fae was iffy. Aster is pretty good & so was Abraxxas. Wish I would have followed through more with Zamrok because he’s a beast but I didn’t know how to play, so I ended up getting all those dragons for that season


As you grow, you realise that sage and kinnarus won’t get through bases which are decent. heck, even when i was 64, similar level Kinnarus could never solo my base.
Its finally a choice but hunters need more ammo management and control element. As you learn them, you will grow fond of them.
Anyway, all in all this season dragons are all pretty good. Nothing to be called bad like Gladicus last season atleast.