Springveil Season - Second Wave


Do you think a bonus dragon can still come out for this season (like Kirin last season) ?


They double promised there wouldn’t be anymore dragons this season.


so of course there probably will be one lol


LOL :joy: I think so. I prefer to wait and keep my sigils


Kinnarus is a beast. She can get through bases 3x’s her strength


Kinnarus OP… /s

I’m trying to recall if there’s a compilation of kinnarui flopping to flak shots or if that’s just a fantasy of mine :thinking:


I kill a lot of Kinnarus’s, or is that Kinnari :thinking: As soon as I see a war follower pull one out to kill farms I laugh my head off


Equestor can’t do it, don’t imagine Kinn does either

I don’t fly equestor, I just shoot them down


Eating flaks as in like, boom head shot, drag down. Just a compilation of that for like 3 mins. I’d watch it.


Kinnarus + Red Mage + Dark Flak = Death. That’s when I pull out EQ because Kinnarus can’t make it through a red mage + dark flak


Do you mean Coach’s Kinnarus OP video? lmao

@Coach tagging you in here :grin:


It’s real! I bow down to your superior forum skills :bowing_man:


If it’s just a flak and red mage, use the invince shield. If it’s just flak and blue, use the earthquake spell.


I have it favorite’d on the youtubes


I don’t have her strong enough for the shield just yet.


That is fantastic


Lol… that would explain why you keep saying Red+Dark Flak = Death… when I use Kinnarus, I probably use the blue spell invincibility far more often than Earthquake… both are decent spells

Kinnarus is far from OP… use her mostly to help players with their multiple Xp runs


Is the guy with the “man bun” / top knot Coach?

At work, don’t have the sound on.



Yes it’s that dude. Kinnarus OP… :joy:


I have been feeling very bad lately that i am missing lazy dragon :pensive: