Springveil Season - Second Wave


Sigh, had Iman on my team once. Constantly un-sanding sanded towers, mediocre flying in general, unperformed in events and got kicked.


I‘m dying :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


No, that is not coach. That is Iman or something like that. He [Iman] is not a hunter flier :joy:


Sorry, but what does it mean OP ? :grin:


Original Poster, Over Powered, Ocean Pacific, etc… Depends on the context.



In this game ocean pacific…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


attempt at humor… Sorry.

In the context above, Over Powered.


I was understand :wink: I am joking
And thank you for your answer :pray:t2:


Really Hate people that unsand towers and die from that same tower🤨


Especially when they use a warrior to do it. Like guys, seriously, you need to give up the warrior way and start developing some hunter habits.


Lol for the longest time I thought Sage was a sorcerer but she’s not…

dun dun dunnnnnnn :flushed:


kinnarus is fun to fly when I take down all the blue mage of high level base and have kinnarus fly through while the defender wasting their hammer


Wasting hammers? Can you define high level?


im around lvl100 so 200+ would be high level for me


I think the term “high level” is usually used for players that have endgame content so everyone has the same understanding.

That means that due to the vast difference in dragons vs. bases, I would consider high level either lvl333+ (min lvl to expert legemdary Harbs), lvl357+ (min lvl to expert mythic harbs) or lvl466+ (min lvl for a full lvl60 tower base).

But definitely not lvl200+.
Otherwise a lvl20 would call a lvl60 high level while there are lvl600s in the game.


60s is the same thing as 600s… all you do is add a zero and zero is zero so it does nothing :joy:


So I Will you


@PGCrisis so I hear that the maximum combination of Terris‘ skilltree gives either 9.2% ATK / 12% HP or 10% ATK / 11.2% HP.

I guess it‘s yet another misleading advertisement as all the previous riders could reach their maximum ATK/HP buffs that you listed in your announcement post, but Terris the oh so great veteran rider for 78.000 sigils can not give the maximum boost that was advertised!


:eyes::popcorn: you mean the skill tree is in such a way where the advertised stats are impossible to achieve?


That’s some shady crap! Wow.