Springveil Season - Second Wave


Well, considering one piece of legendary armor can give a similar buff as either Terris’s attack buff or defense buff, in the end I don’t think it makes much of a difference. A fraction of a percent difference still leaves Oksana > Terris, just like Necryx > Moonfang

The mighty discounts!


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I wanted ask you if you maybe bring out a dragon at last weaks as Nydryr, Anuba or Kirin even if it wasnt planned as first step, as a extra one .
Is there again a chance for people who need a different challenge , or can you clearly say no to it ?

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Can we please not ask for another dragon? I think at this point they have confirmed “no” enough times and all other dragons are released that there would be a HUGE uproar from people who have already spent their saved sigils on the premise that there would be no more releases for the season.

I understand you wanting something like this, but can we suggest they bring it back for next season instead please?


they promised a no to this. Thankfully.


as they did last season… No does not mean no to PG


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I would never intentionally post inaccurate or misleading information to players. That seems like a really bad idea?

Therefore, I’ve brought it to our devs for clarification and to get a response. “So I hear” can mean a lot of things, including speculation. I’m investigating this for you. Abstaining from quick judgement is appreciated.

I am not a person on the Dragons team who directly works on number adjustments for Dragon Riders in the Season, but I know who to ask for clarification for you.

For exactly the reason that Mech stated above, we are not releasing anymore content for the Springveil season as it relates to spending Sigils.


Hint hint wink wink? xD


Free dragon to those who have over 500 Heal Pots? :stuck_out_tongue:


I‘m far from claiming that it was intentional.

I‘m sorry if this sounded like picking up rumors or speculating so let me correct myself:

I did not test this myself because I was saving sigils and was waiting for feedback because of my lack of trust which comes from experience.

However, a friend of mine got Terris and has shared this information with me. So it‘s rather second hand information to be precise.

Thank you, this is much appreciated.


as it relates to spending sigils… Hmm…

Is this related to Mech’s teases about Ember?


Just to follow up on this:

Terris’ stats are viewable by navigating to riders/unhired and then info for terris. Here is what ive found:

T1 HP 5 SP
T2 XP or Food 5SP
T3 ATK 10 SP
T4 HP 10 SP
T6 HP 15P

This adds up to 60 skill points so far. In T7 there is both a hp and an atk option for 5sp per lvl each and then in T8 there is a further atk for 5sp per lvl.


If a player wanted all atk and hp buffs it would cost them 135 skill points. I think Gox1201 calculated the max sp as 128 which would mean that you would be short 1.6% in some combo of atk or hp. If max skill points is 133 then that shortfall would be 0.8 in line with MareZ’s conclusion. Any updates on the matter are appreciated!


Well my friends screenshot shows that his Terris is 0.8% short at lvl50 without enough SP to complete the last stage of the HP skill so someone’s math might be wrong.


Hey MareZ,

I brought your report to the team yesterday. After some investigation, they have confirmed that the numbers your friends are seeing are correct. A fully maxed out Terris can have either 12% HP and 9.2% Attack buffed, or 11.2% HP and 10% Attack buffed, coming up 0.8% short on either side depending on which choices they made to Terris’ skill tree.

First off, I was to thank you again for bringing this to my attention! This error was unintentional from our side and it seems our math was off. Secondly, and now that we have confirmed this to be true, it is most definitely a fault of ours and we are taking the following action to correct it:

We will be buffing Terris’ skill tree such that the Health and Attack are consistent with what was advertised. Specifically, we are adjusting Terris’ 4th skill on the tree, which currently provides a 2% attack boost at max skill level. We will increase this boost to 2.8% by increasing the 1st point from 0.4% to 0.8% and subsequent upgrades from 0.4% to 0.5%.

When fully maxed out, this means that players will have either 12% HP and 10% Attack buffed, or 11.2% HP and 10.8% Attack buffed. Now, Terris’ skills will either equal out to the 12% / 10% buff as seen in the chart, or will be 0.8% above / 0.8% below for HP and Attack based on the choices made.

We purposefully chose this skill in the tree to buff since it it towards the beginning of the tree, and it is a skill that must be upgraded before progressing further in the tree. Those who have maxed out Terris’ skills will automatically have this 0.8% buff added to the Dragon Rider once the change goes out to the game, which we anticipate to be the same time that the Harbinger Tier Dragons become available next week!


Thank you a lot for correcting this error and for getting back to us quickly.
This is much appreciated!


can we put a rune of rage on Fomhar?
otherwise what other rune do you recommend on Fomhar?


Rage other than the one in its line.


I put already all the rune of the line. But I 2 places of Glyph available.


I recommend putting rage and ammo.


Thank you, I don’t have ammo…


@PGCrisis are there any special branches being released? I think it’s been said there won’t be any this season but I’d like to make sure before spending the rest of my sigils :joy: