Springveil Season - Second Wave


It was made abundantly clear that no other sigil spending changes or additions would happen this season.


Well PG is known to change things last second sometimes so better safe then sorry :sweat_smile:


It actually doesn’t matter if they give you yet another confirmation or not. If they change their minds it’s not like that one extra confirmation to readyplayerone is gonna stop them :joy: :joy:


hahahahaha probably not but since we’re closer to the end of the season it would probably feel more definitive :joy:


Once I finish Fomhar in this or the next event, I will save all remaining sigils until the last event so we don’t get another “SURPRISE, FINANCE DECIDED TO PUT OUT ANOTHER DRAGON/RIDER FOR YOU TO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS SEASON” from PG


Hi guys,

Extremely new player here, what season do you think is best for a newbie to the game. What I’ve read so far does not help me as a new player. This will be my first season dragon.

  1. Pick one and go as far as you can on it’s page.
    All are good for a beginner this season, but I suggest you Nollaig because warriors are strong versus low level bases, and when you grow you will basically only use hunters.
  2. Next season get the EggToken bonus first, then read the forums for opinion on dragons.


:thinking: Discount first, token bonus next…


As a new player, they’ll have very little, if any resources saved up to start the new season, so the egg token boost is going to be more efficacious for them than to get the first page of the discount drag. Not to mention that if the season maintain’s its typical schedule, the last event of the season will be breeding, which means it’ll be another 3 weeks for the breed bonus to come around. This season was lucky where breed was the second event in the season, so if you went the discount route (like I did), you only missed one week of token bonus.

If you have rss stored up, like 100+ gold chests or 40k+ rubies, by all means, go the discount first, but with little to nothing saved up, the token boost is going to be better in the long run IMO.


I would like a strong dependable dragon since I just started playing, so let’s talk about here and now there’s only four weeks left in the season. I would like to make every single sigil counts. So far I have enough sigils to get the dragon and the green stone. Am hoping to get at least Gold stone, if I am lucky. I’ve been saving my rubies in hope that there’s such thing as trading rubies for sigils. I will definitely stick to one dragon line and will try to get as many stones as I can. Which ever dragon I choose, I hope it will grow with me as I level up. It is my first season dragon after all. I would like to make it memorable.


If you want to learn hunters, I feel like Aibrean is a bit easier/straightforward than Fomhar for that. If you’re more warrior-leaning, Nollaig should be fairly solid at earlier levels, if you don’t like hunters. Samhrad has potential as a follow dragon, but I don’t really consider these necessary at lower levels (and even at higher levels at times).


Get nollaig and be happy. New season only egg token boost and follow red check in and breed guide.
Reference - wdgeeks.info


I disagree that you should only get the token boost next season. I started at the very end of Sage season and was only able to get the green stone, but the following season I got Kinarrus all the way to her final stone. It depends on how hard you compete in events and if you spend at all, that should be up to you. I will say I don’t think the token boost is worth it until you hit around Platinum since drags are pretty cheap until Sapphire. Gold legendary are obviously the exception, but I never found myself short on egg tokens and I never got the token boost until I hit Platinum.

As for this season, I think Nollaig is probably a good bet since if you just started, warriors are still king. If you can only get to green stone, I don’t think you can even unlock all the spells that make hunters useful, and honestly, hunters suck early on. They are hard to fly and warriors and sorcs just work better until gold.


Thank you all for your expert advices. I will be patient then and wait until end of season to see how much sigils I have and go from there. If i have enough sigils to get the gold stone and up then I’ll go for a hunter. If I don’t have enough sigils to get the gold stone and up, then I’ll go for Nollage. To my understanding from reading all your posts, a dragon with a white spell is a better choice. Is that correct?


That is hotly debated.


White doesn’t necessarily mean better; it does mean that it’s potentially easier to handle mages (particularly sand or lockdown-based spells), but some pre-planning or good reaction time takes care of them easily enough for dragons with solid spellkits. It’s not as if no white spell = insta-fail dragon.


No additional bonus drags released in the last weeks of season?





I remember how i used to think as lev 40 player.
As everyone else is saying , nolliang is best option as low lvl dragon.


I think Nollaig is the best choice for your lvl. It’s a very good warrior