Springveil Season - Second Wave


A lot of people have told me that Fomhar was hard and that if I could not handle Necryx well I should not take Fomhar because it is a difficult dragon to use. in fact I took it on one of my accounts and in fact it is the hunter that I use the most easily and that I can attack bases higher than its attack level. so thankfully I did not listen to these tips. we all have different feelings depending on the dragons and spells. Today Fomhar is my favorite dragons and the most fun to use.


i must slightly disagree with you, white spells don’t mean a better dragon except in the case of sorcerers. the sorcerer class is incapable of being competitive without a summoned dragon or a white spell, pg pumps out these weak sorcerer dragons because its near impossible to make a dragon class completely dependent on spells and not make that dragon completely unstoppable with a spell set that can synergize while making most of them unique.


It was more for hunters :wink:; I still tend to treat war/sorc as more for fun or specific utility (A&A super speedy invader base clear or harder dg/umbral + shield clean up).

Something to keep in mind, though, is the original intent, where multiple dragons would be used to clear a base. Sorcs would be the ultimate clean up dragons after no mages were around, but that simply isn’t the case anymore, where soloing reigns supreme. Sorcs are stuck in that weird place of trying to fit a round peg in a square hole :joy: If they can’t regenerate rage and mitigate damage, they’re useless due to having a pretty useless base attack when going against harder bases.


In my experience, it depends on if there’s a mage tower. Especially the blue one.


Based on the spell sets, I guess Fomhar and Necryx have really different style…


Yes totally different to play.
In my view Fomhar is the best :heart_eyes:


My Fomhar’s not quite leveled up to my other divines’ level but I love him, too. Entrap is fun to work with :t_rex:


Is this true?

The current season ends on Jun 5, and I believe the event starting Jun 6 with Summer Season is breeding, no?


Breeding should be first event next season if i’m not mistaken


Damn it. I’ll be skipping it… at least there’s the token bonus :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


I done effed up :man_shrugging:t3: I concur breeding should start the new season. Actually noticed that today as I was updating my spreadsheets :eyes: