Springveil Season - Second Wave


For real, this time.


@PGCrisis will this suppress the blocking effect of mages while the mage towers are entrapped?


Yes, it will.


One question has no answer yet @PGCrisis :
Can you give us the range of entrap or like said before a comparable spell radius ?


Red did cover that in another thread: Spring 2018 spell kit for remaining Divine drags/rider


Oh thanks didin’t see it. My bad :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


1 extra ammo at all levels of the Glyph!

Confirmed it with the team - yes!

Yep, the radius for Entrap is 8.


so do you mean one ammo for each level or do you mean, it has only one bonus ammo point which stays at one for each glyph level. sorry your wording was a little confusing.


Means you get +1 amo whether the rune is level 1 or maxed out. At least that’s the way I was reading it… If it is +1 PER level… damn, makes me want to try getting it.


I’m wondering if anyone can say at what level is each skill unlocked ? Thx


lol definitely not 1 per upgrade.


It’s this one; apologies for the confusion in my wording!


We can only dream lmao




Why don’t seasonal runes have secondaries for their legendary and epic runes like all other runes?


@PGCrisis Can you confirm if a blue mage disable will remove the cooldown of Vanish?


Is this equal to sand and lockdown’s range? I have no idea what the number is supposed to represent


Same radius as enfeeble or iceshock


So crappy sorc + pretty good looking hunter = pretty good looking rider, right? Anyway I can do this without getting the crappy sorc?


It will remove the cd of vanish