Springveil Season - Second Wave


Fomhar + sam = :100:


Nope. If you want the crappy rider, you have to get the crappy sorc. :wink:


If nothing else I may finally change my avatar. I like that weird man/bear thing


Do we have exact % damage of Solar Strike? Just by looking at the original post, it says heavy damage so I’m assuming more like tidal surge and not Umbral Spike :frowning: :disappointed_relieved:

To me the sorcerer looks rather disappointing. The hunter, on the other hand, I think will be a good dragon against defended bases.


‘Tis :smiling_imp:

You’re quite mistaken. If you take care of the reds, there’s not much defenders can do to a sam follow.


well who wouldn’t like Santa…


Just saying the sorcy is definitely not crappy.


You’ll be able to hit 3 towers easily, pretty much, particularly at the front/back of islands where the three are close together.


How many weeks are left in this season? Need to decide if I’m going to be foolhardy enough to switch dragons mid-season, but can’t find an end date anywhere!



If I am not mistaken, there are 8 events left in this season (?).


Ha! And here was me trawling the forums!


Can you rapidly fire entrap, i.e. fire two in rapid succession?


I’m almost sure you can fire a second as soon as the first lands


This would be a good time to mention that entraps projectile speed is fast. Faster than sand, vines, even a hunter’s fireball.


So like… the hunter is MORE than worth getting if you can fly


I’m still not getting this. I guess I’ll have to wait and see just how much those runes do, but unless emerald level summer’s purification takes out level 60 farms in one shot (once all 3 runes are applied), how am I not powerless against hammer spamming on farms? Honest question. Don’t tell me I can just add havoc or death gaze. I can do that with several other dragons I have in my roster already. This dragon could have been good for clean up if they had just used umbral spike instead.


Understand you’re hitting above your tier… yes it happens, but balance is per tier… not per what you need


Exactly… I don’t like that Samhrad cannot be a follower against bases significantly higher than the dragon’s power. Spindra and Renard are prime examples of this…that was kind of what I was hoping for.


Again, I’m not asking for summer’s purification to be able to take out level 60 farms in one shot. I actually think that would be OP and out of balance for my level.
What I want is umbral spike instead of solar strike. That would not be unbalanced but it would make for a decent dragon.