Springveil Season - Second Wave




I’ll be getting Formhar but I hope someone posts some videos of flying it. I like to think I know what I’m doing but in reality I most likely do not :joy:


I like the idea, enfeeble was crippled by its cooldown (used well in better hands than mine) so this spell stopping mages and towers opens up for amazing gutting of bases


Both look like a lot of fun


Can someone confirm if the cloak consumable spell is permitted on Fomhar?


Nope. Guess you can’t get it now :cry:


Since Sam has rage boost spell, I’m hoping that Solar strike is similar to Umbral Strike.
6s cooldown will cut its effectiveness in pieces :disappointed_relieved:


I could never get the hang of Enfeeble either. R.I.P my Spindra :skull_and_crossbones:


:scream::sob::sob::sob: learn spindra! Love spindra! Spindra is amazing.


I only got her green stone because I was a young silly goose with no knowledge of seasons :sob:


Should have gone with Gargula :sunglasses::sunglasses:



I had the original, morphos and his no resist lol




Sam’s rune boosts could make the spell as high as 70% of HP? That’s some serious damage and I don’t see why it wouldn’t take out a tier higher of farms. Lutrus and Red seem to be confident in it’s abilities, if I didn’t need a setup hunter so badly, I’d definitely consider Sam. Actually I might see if I can finish 3 lines this season. Oh boy…


Lolol I wanna ask why he gets such a bad rap…?


Gargula is a hunter tho…


He was asking about why gargula gets a bad rep lol


Oh, hard to follow when everyone has the same avatar


Sorc looks good, and I appreciate the feedback loop mechanics in his design.

Hunter looks extremely good while still requiring skill to use. Good design. @Lutrus’s comment about the projectile speed of Entrap is both the most surprising and the most appealing thing in these details.

I’m unsure about the rune. Durational increase on a hunter’s damage skill is never interesting for that aspect, but given that Reap also carries +50% rage regen, this is effectively a rage rune.

@PGCrisis Do you have information about the length of the duration buffs to Fomhar’s Reap from runes?


Maybe we should add that while Terris‘ gear only adds 25%, Atlas gear can soon add up to 80% max :roll_eyes: