Springveil Season - Second Wave


Shhhh :shushing_face:. Don’t let the overlords know you are not brainwashed. If we object to 80% then they will make it 200% :roll_eyes:


For some reason I never made this connection haha! We didn’t have the runes in the test environment so we’ll have to find out tomorrow


Fire type hunter would make the rider worth getting for me…


Cough next season Cough


@PGCrisis you didn’t mention anything about rage in the summers purification spell?


@PGCrisis do blue mages cancel this spell with no cooldown?


Rage regen is just like other rage regen runes/glyphs. Vanish is a 0 cost Cloak + cd, pretty much, so yes.


Shit that hunter looks good, so much for saving until next season :cry:


Yes I asked the question above and @Lutrus said yes


Vanish - Active, Blue, 0 Rage

Dragon becomes invisible and cannot be targeted until it attacks. Spell has an 8 second duration and a 6 second cooldown.

Whats Runes Cloak is affect for that Spells?


Cloak runes will not work for this spell. Only runes that EXACTLY match the name of the spell will work.


That spell is haven’t Runes from the branch


I know. I’m guessing there won’t be any runes for Vanish, but the rule still applies to all spells. Runes not matching the exact name of the spell won’t work.


Was hoping for the same… but I suppose we can put the gear on different riders and still have a gain from the rider with whatever gear we put on him… guessing that since mythic dragon was fire, that the non-mythic veteran rider was going to match


@Lutrus does vanish have the same issues as cloak etc re towers still hitting the drag?


Yes, cloak bug is still in effect in a cloak derivative.


@thereddelilah said she can entrap 4 towers sometimes. I’ve never ice shocked more than 3 before.


Crap looks like I’m going to have 3 similar hunters on my roster, each with slightly different fly style…:joy: Avyx, airbean and fom


Neither have I, but with my experience with enfeeble from spindra instead of ice shock.


From what I can see the latter looks a bit different than the former 2. I’m excited to see it, but in any case looks like you’re adding 2 good dragons. But yeah similar in terms of damage, cloak, and other thing haha. I’d take em