Springveil Season - Second Wave


I’ve completed airbean already. Now deciding on rider gear vs fom


Well get red to share her secret for the 4 so we can get to work pronto


Death Gaze is meant for one tower but with practice you can take out two towers at once.


Yeah grumpy needs to practice that more it’s surprising he didn’t know that


Why bother with rider gear? They’re totally nerfing the seasonal gear when compared to what you can get in Atlas :expressionless:


Love the sarcasm :joy:


Because it’s instant and no crafting required :joy: plus I have so many dark hunters I need another set of gear


Lol, true that. I’m tempted to go for Oksana’s gear rather than trying for a dragon. I want to save up chests and such for next season and I’m having a really hard time building up a ruby surplus for supersigil chests. Something about grinding egg tokens does not lend to ruby longevity…


Haha decisions decisions! I’ve given up on ever getting the seasonal mythic so I just save my chests for breeding event.


When I look at the breeding castle, it becomes Ice Flak resist.
Which is right?


Lol maybe community was too excited about him. Someone thought he would be too good so let’s nerf him :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


how about this, shoot entrap at the blue mage and activate autumn reap while turning then kill red mage or any tower you like. as soon as the blue mage is block, activate vanish then just when you above the flak or blue mage you take it out. The second dragon will have no trouble with blue mage anymore


these are signs of a solo dragon, more than a setup dragon


any dragon that can safely skip tower is a set up dragon


He doesnt look like a solo to me, unless you overpower the base, then everything is a solo :joy:


You maybe right! You flew it and know better than us :man_shrugging:
At your level there is no concept of solo in wars anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
I think this dragon can fit in any role though. Only flying it will help me comment anymore than this. But atleast at lower levels, maybe, maybe it can still solo decent equivalent bases.
@Herablitz I agree to that and yes it can be a good setup dragon. That doesn’t mean its not better at soloing.


I havent never flown it but you seem to agree with my statement about what make a good set up dragon.
What do you mean by no concept of solo in war? What level will there be concept of solo in war? Yours? Would you mind share that concept?
Basically, every dragon can do solo but not every dragon can set up base by safely skipping tower.
I agree to that even you had no concept of solo in war when you were my level, that doesnt mean everyone else is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So with vanish being a 0 rage cloak (with a long cooldown), would it be safe to assume that you will be able to blink the same way as Necryx/Hau/Noctua? Would it be easier as well since entrap travels fast according to the GPF?


I am level 90. I do waves solo, but if i am not on wave, i setup level 200+ bases for my follow almost every war. Every dragon cannot solo decent equal level base defended, kinnarus :poop: being the prime example.


For answering this, i have a few doubts. Will spell cooldown be blocked by blue mage and can be cast again? Or is it like flash where cooldown won’t reduce irrespective of blue mage.
If its first case, blink should be possible, otherwise no. Atleast from my understanding.
@Lutrus can you clear this for us please?