Springveil Season - Second Wave


I think @Lutrus did say that the blue mages would reset the cooldown, but I’d like a clarification for sure.


so, is that the concept of solo in war? Isnt that what anyone can do? Im not saying everyone can but anyone can.
There are many factors that contribute in each successful flight, even for kinnarus. Compare by using a base that has same power to the dragon but build to counter that dragon doesnt seem right to me.


I don’t want to get into too many details about base building but any decent base has high level DF + Blue + Red Mages + storm which will kill Kinnarus even a level or 2 above. I don’t understand what your factors are but i am pretty clear about my factors, a tough base at same level.
So that’s what a decent base is for me. And equal level with defenders is never equal to equal level with no defenders. I don’t understand between anyone and everyone in your words. Both mean the same from my understanding of your wording.
We are going off-topic here imo. If there is anything else, lets discuss in pm.

EDIT: Example of solo dragon at my level would be Avyx/ Aibrean types or of course neptus in current meta.


I can guarantee you someone on my tier (max sapphire) cannot solo my base in a war. So when Luffy is saying a solo dragon that’s what he means - solo an equivalent tier base in war.

I got to say that Fom, in the hands of a good flyer, has a decent chance of soloing my base in war.


Ok, let’s stop disscus then. But before that, let me explain “anyone” and “everyone” by this quote from Ratatouille.
“Anton Ego hated the book, believing that not anyone can cook. He later accepts it, interpreting its motto as: “Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere.””


Can entrap stop the mage shot and projectiles like ice shock or GFB?


It can’t


You can already vine the rage drain without the supers going off. With entrap being faster may be easier to do it.


hey entrap can only hit 3 towers.


that is just mean all dragon can not. Anyway, team work is a factor to successful too. Just like the defender is showed as team work for other team. If you add defenders, you must add back up to make it equivalent as 2vs2(or more)


I can guarantee you any current or past dragon at sapphire tier cannot solo my base in war. Full stop. I’ll go further. Cannot solo my base with only me defending.


yes, neither do I. I have never ever seen anyone around my level can defeat me while Im defending seriously but maybe someone will.


Fomhar in my den is with Ice Flak Resist rather than Ice turret Resist . Is that a visual glitch @PGCrisis


I have the same problem. Solar strike is also a white spell, not red as first intended, have I missed something here?


Blue resets vanish



I don’t believe complaining on the runes is viable on FOMHAR. It’s the best spell to boost for sure. Vanish CD would be nice too, but the reap is more wanting (rage+health+damage) with the plus ammo. There isn’t anything as utterly perfect, or it wouldn’t be so much fun if it was 🤷


Definitely Ice Flak resist ingame but Ice Turret resist in Crisis‘ and the CreatorsFaction‘s announcements.
Classic PG.

Where do you see it being white?
The announcements say it‘s red, ingame in the Breeding Castle it‘s greyed out because you don‘t learn it at lvl1 so you can‘t see the color until the event starts and you can obtain and level it.


So The new hunter is it ice flak or ice turret resist? @PGCrisis @PGJared please clarify for the community


@Lutrus - Fomhar or Aibrean?

I read your post where you said Fomhar is a lead and Aibrean is a clean up. For a fairly average skilled flier whose best lead dragon is currently Avyx (aside from Hau, which I am inconsistent with) - which do you recommend?


@Lutrus @TheRedDelilah @Gox1201

Can someone who tested these give some spell usage feedback on Sam please?

In a defended base situation, assuming mages are gone, is the philosophy use northern lights then summer’s purification after lights ends so you gain health and rage?

Trying to understand rage sustain, and I’ve never become comfortable on how to effectively use northern lights on Renard for example. Maybe because Renard doesn’t have the health gain component. It always felt like I could use the invincibility aspect, but then lose the rage gain because I was killing towers, or if I waited for the rage gain,then I took a bunch of unrecoverable damage.