Springveil Season - Second Wave


It sounds like you need a consistent lead in your roster. Fomhar has an edge up on avyx and Aibrean lead due to his entrap, allowing him to efficiently use his ammo. Aibrean has nothing to alleviate depleting his ammo in defended situations as a lead.


If you want the rage component, just use the NL on the turn from the previous island so that when you arrive at the new island, it pops and you can clean it up. Even if he is rageless, he can still use his solar spell and take care of remaining towers using double/triple spots.


Thanks sir :+1:

The white entrap definitely sounds like a no brainer for leading, but I thought I read somewhere that Fomhar is semi difficult to fly - not quite like Hau, but tougher than most…


That is correct, it’s bc the limited lock down on entrap forces the flyer to pop out of vanish to pick off key towers before leaving the island, aided by the reap spell. He has a high opportunity for outplay, which makes him challenging and fun.


I must still be a noob :joy:

What is outplay?


Outplay, similar to outscore, outrun, outshoot, basically means you were better than your defenders/Base.


Thanks :joy:

I was overthinking it.


And, therefore, not out-thinking :grinning:


And if dragon attack doesn’t scratch the towers on the base? That is what I was thinking but this is not it


It mean you pick the wrong base to set up or just need correct additional spell.
Can you set up a base with all level 60 towers by necryx of player level 70 and have ember/enki finish it as second back up? the shots dont do much damage, there wont be enough rage to sand everything and 1 shot from towers will be fatal


I would like to see that. I dont know how can you can get 43 rages to sand each tower and perch on the whole base


I wish I had more than 2g so I could create the right meme, but basically it’s the “aliens” meme, but with “double sands”.


how about using your necryx and do it without shoot a single shot of energy as well as not losing a single health?


Will do when I get time


Good luck, Im quite curious how to pass kill island and perch without at least scratch by perch or mage


How much damage does Entrap do?

I really have no idea but Sand does more damage then regular attack! If I had to guess probably 50% more damage then regular attack maybe close to double?

Will Entrap be similar to Sand? or more because the effect wears off so I think it would make sense if it was slightly more powerful?


I don’t think it does damage. AFAIK it’s more like a white Lockdown.


Look at the entrap icon. What does it remind you of? How much damage does that spell do?


I wish I could post a gif of a doughnut


What is this donut doing? Maple or glazed?