Springveil Season - Second Wave


It’s taking the place of a 0 :joy: I like glazed though


Does anyone go to the (tremendous) effort of earning sigils, hatching and leveling a dragon just to be a follow?

I feel like most people claim dragons that they think (or hope) will be killer’s that will one dragon anything. And if they end up disappointed then it is relegated to the role of a follow.


There’s no such thing as an end all be all in this game… the last decent sorcerer lead was phasmos (imo)


so be it bulace


No vehicle is the best of everything, some carry more, others are faster.
No person is the best of everything, some lead, others follow.

Why should dragons be so different from reality?


Dragons are more like athletes than things. True there is no one single dragon that does every task, but some are definitely better at all tasks than others.

Its like baseball. No pitcher goes into baseball wanting to be a middle reliever. Some end up as middle relievers after it is discovered they dont have the skill for starting or for closing


The problem is, with the ridiculous cool down on solar strike, you can’t even follow because the farms will get you.



You’re preaching to the choir. i think the sorc is going to be a flying turd. I MIGHT claim it anyway just to get the rider though. But if I do I wont ever bother to hatch it.


I hope you both saw the stream… I think there’s a lot of potential


Oh I wouldn’t go that far. This sorc would be a ton of fun on the invader base or any other xp base if you need to follow teammates on xp runs. Definitely worth hatching if you get it. Just not any use in the real world without that cool-down removed.


Thanks @Lutrus! So this means a blink is very much possible?


Or make Solar Strike a white spell and keep the cooldown, that way this dragon can actually do something against a red mage.


So a cloak with zero rage is pretty sick!

But lockdown? Man I really hope not!!
I got the dragon, haven’t incubated yet!
unless this is some killer lockdown spell then this spell might ruin the dragon :cry:

Cannot hit targets without unlocking! They come back after 12 secs! And it does no damage!
Who knows but I really think I might not like this dragon
It better lockdown more then half the island!!

That would be a shame because he could have had potential


It can lock down three towers in one cast pretty easily Ive heard, though Ive only managed two.


… he has a damage amplifying spell that you’re not including to the conversation. :man_shrugging:t3:


What do you mean by “blink”? I looked in the forums and don’t see it explicitly defined. Thanks. :rose:


Just when you cloak and uncloak (while using sand/vines etc.) in order to dodge supershots. Airforce has some really good videos on them.


So blink is when the projectiles come at you and you cloak and they’re suppose to disappear. Then you sand it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


You sand mages before you cloak again :slight_smile: With necryx its essentially cloak sand blue mage cloak again


1 sand = 3 hunter shots for me