Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


Any clue about fixing the rest of the issues with the season? :joy: like being locked out of the game, and the sync errors


Thank you very much for the clarification coffee, it is very much appreciated!!


They’re green :thinking: the plot thickens


Thanks PG😯


So suddenly I am able to clear a base with maxed towers with a dragon that could only get 70-75% pre-update. Full disclosure: I did have a couple…er…some wine after a crappy day at work and I suppose it is possible I stumbled onto some of Red’s famous aiming juice, but I just cleared the base 8 times… and had a teammate try and he got farther than he was able to pre-update, too… don’t know his level of intoxication… but even though tower Hp and dps don’t look different, something has to have changed.

Problem with tower?
Problem with dragon?
Or Red’s aiming juice is also a hallucinogenic?


Noct still takes a solid beating from 60s, therefore I think there’s variables you haven’t considered


Depends on what dragon you’re talking about maybe.


Estril and equestor


Estril is the teammate’s that is doing better


Damn… equestor is teammate’s


Practicing a base makes you more ready for it, undefended bases are easy to mess with the UI… also I’m sad you even have equestor high enough to compare to estril


Not comparing the two… he couldn’t get much past 25% with equestor… I couldn’t get past 75%… and I am fully aware of the difference between xp bases and defended bases and that has nothing to do with this… would be nice if it was that simple so I could blame the drink and stumble on my way.

It very likely is something done with the base, just don’t see any changes… if nobody else has noticed a change with towers then that’s good enough for me, thanks.


Are current legendary dragons (Hunter + Warrior) going to be mythic power as previous seasons?


I think they only do that during a season that a new tier release falls into


I can also confirm that chaos runes/glyphs are not working at all on Aibrean.
@PGCrisis @PGJared


That freaking sucks…


This is the first season with harbinger being available at the beginning of the season I believe


I dont think the healing ones are either… have you noticed a difference?


I havent tried the healing ones yet, I closed the game in frustration after testing the mythic glyph that ive been saving for a year.


Woof, not good. I’ve just brought it to our developers for investigation. Thank you for letting us know! We’re on it!