Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


Please have them look at the spring renewal runes as well, hoping you did since the comment you quoted was a direct response to that issue


Tyvm :facepunch:t2:


They were not working a year ago on Fae either… this isn’t a new issue.


Lol and this is exactly why threads need revival every once and a while…I don’t think chaos runes have been brought up for a while


If i remember correct it was brought to their attention also on the day of the update for sorcerers and warriors attack rate. I know bc i tested and posted, Coach then verified and tagged pg.

Edit* jan 11


Not enough people cared about them because sorcerers… but this is a discounted dragon, so a lot more will have it


Not to mention a hunter with it. Ive dreamed of this since tengu tbh

Even the warriors buff is only 75% i think lol just the duration can or should be able to be buffed


Does healmark work for the red spell on the new divine hunter?


Healing mark runes? No. Only Spring’s Renewal runes will work.


If they ever work :joy:


Do any runes work? /s :joy:


Wish we knew more about these dragons


Seams that some yes, definitely not all of them. I should have 75% to spring renewal (last Mythic is only lvl 5). 20% and 75% more should make it 35% healing. I have just tested it and it’s 25%. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Did you consider that boosts don‘t count towards the healing?
You would have to test without boosts.

(I assume you know this, because so many others have confirmed the same problem.)


One of your renewals are working? mine is definitely only healing 20% with all three attached…


Boosted? How much hp research do you have? Do you have naked kayla on him?


Unboosted, naked Kayla… maybe that is more than 20%… definitely not 35% though.

If anyone has Aibrean without renewal runes can you please do the same thing for a reference?


Its crazy that we have to do all this for pg when its their job lol. My Ab has no renewal runes, ill try now to grab a screen.



I got a SS its okay Owl. Runes are doing something.

I am being told in another threat the research and such doesn’t add any healing recieved. So the 35% you would think i would get is actually closer to 25% (i would need to take off the HP gain from Kayla, and the 21% HP gain from research). Of the 100% heath that is shows only about 78% is the dragons base HP. If that other thread is true.

I still dont think that SS of mine is 25% health gain though…