Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


It looks like about 25-30% to me, but admittedly I didnt measure it or anything :joy:


It’s actually an easy fix, they simply change “max hp” to “dragon hp” and the runes should scale properly


unless PG thinks it would be to OP that way… but it is misleading the way it is currently working in comparison to how the spell description and runes read.


If only their code was clean enough to make such a quick change, Im sure they would.


In the end they would rather remove the rune than fix it.


its not a rune issue, its a question of how the spell is calculating the amount healed (less than the spell description implies). The runes seem to be working though.


Even normal healing mark runes were (are?) Broken so idk but lets say next season it works


Those are fixed…


Yea the heal mark spell and runes are working great.


So the runes they gave with the dragon don’t work the way they are supposed to. The chaos runes that we have don’t work. What else can go wrong this this dragon before PG does something about it? It gets exhausting to have to try and prove to PG that something isn’t working. @PGJared


The runes work. Its just that the spell overall doesn’t heal as much as we were led to believe.


Upss indeed I was boosted before. Here it is unboosted, but with Kayla on. Seams like 25% to me.


Lol wrong order. First picture is after 1 spring. Second none last photo 2x spring


Seems like a pretty damn good heal amount considering you have Kayla and research applied.
Not sure what people are complaining about…


yes fully runed, unboosted it is about 26% assuming you have 21% HP increase from research. .


Ok so where is the increase of 75% compared to 20% without runes?? Seams not enough to me.


That 20% is more like 16% unboosted because of the researched HP bonus.

Okay this was quick math in my head and doesn’t include riders (which will decrease the amount even more % wise)

No runes:
No Research or boosts or riders = 20%
with the HP research (21%) = 16.5%
With HP research and boosted = 12.7%

Fully runed:
No Research or boosts or riders = 35%ish
with the HP research (21%) = 28%ish
With HP research and boosted = 23%ish…

Here is why i dont like how this spell works, A fully boosted, fully researched and fully runed Aibrean with a rider and decent gear will have the spell heal for well less than 20% of its health… too little IMO. Especially given that this spell was advertised as doing that as a base amount.

Hunters Healing Spell

Do the Springveil Season riders work outside of Atlas?


yes riders always work


Ok makes sense now, but still it’s a bit complicated and non transparent. I personally didn’t know HP boost and research doesn’t count. In this case I would rather use more powerful chaos (if it would work :see_no_evil:). Thx for explanation