Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


That makes more sense sorry, They need to fix the spell then so it performs as advertised. Use chaos over this? I don’t think so. That’s like saying you would use chaos over healing mark. Sure there are instances where you would, but I think most of the time you’ll want to be using the rage and healing boost from this spell.


I want to know why others get to have their blue spells together but I have NR inbetween them. I want Flash in the middle so it’s easier to hit without looking


I’m so jealous, I want your setup! It’s the same as avyx’s and I still get thrown off by the swapped spell positions.


I’ll trade you. I keep missing hitting flash because I tap too high and end up hitting NR when a fireball or mage shot is coming at me


What I mean I would rader use rune which would increase chaos power. As increase of spring is not soo much relevant. Of course using spells while playing is different story.


If you propose a change as to how this healing spell works, I would say it’s only fair if all healing spells work the same.

If you want them to change one of those skills, they need to change them all:

  • Spring’s Renewal
  • Healing Mark
  • Rejuvenate
  • Super Rejuvenate
  • Regenerate
  • Heat Shield
  • Blast Shield
  • Fire Shield
  • Blazing Shield
  • whatever I just forgot

All those skills are advertised the same way as Spring’s Renewal.

I remember long threads and endless discussions about how the healing from Rejuvenate-like and Shield-like spells work and how the runes affect them.
People were measuring their displays and calculating just like they do now.

Bottom line:
Aibrean owners don’t need a special treatment, let’s just leave it the way it is - the way all the other spells work too.


Sure i would agree with that. But suggesting that opens up a much bigger task whereas i would prefer they fix this particular spell so it behaves as advertised first:

They advertise it as 20%. Sure maybe they simply were not specific enough in the description, but If i remember correctly in the past they have added qualifiers such as “of base health”. But more importantly if you compare Aibrean description to the wintertide release of Avyx’s spell description there is something wrong.

Now lets look at Wintertide description of Healing mark:

It advertises 10% health gain*. As we have since discovered HM is actually 18% but because of how this spell is calculated it looks closer to 10% so no one really noticed. Now we have Aibrean which is advertised as healing for 20% (twice what HM should do)… and it simply doesn’t.

I looked very carefully at the spells description when it was released to us. I cross referenced it to HM description. I read the rune descriptions. From all that I understood that Aibreans runes will increase its healing by a lot less than HM runes. That made sense to me because of the added rage and the already increased healing amount. Spring Renewal is the key spell to Aibrean, and deciding to go for it (and open alot of gold chest during an event i would normally never open chests) was based on the fact that Spring Renewal was suppose to heal for double of what HM does. I hate paying for something only to get something other than advertised.

Hunters Healing Spell

Thaaaaaaaank you. There were no verbal modifiers in the discription, just “it heals 20% of dragons health”.


I’m totally with you here.

This seems like yet another PG communication error that I sadly got so used to that I don’t believe anything anymore before I haven’t seen players playtesting the product first.
I am very careful about what I spend my rubies/chests for and remember myself fighting for the advertised spellset of Neptus, so I understand what you mean.

But I still only see the following outcomes which would be fair for everyone:

  • PG apologizes to every player who got Aibrean for false advertising and offers full compensation (highly unlikely)
  • PG apologizes to all players for false advertising and changes the coding for ALL healing spells to base them on max health, not base health (unlikely)
  • PG explains that for several years all healing spells were always based on base health and formally apologizes if you misinterpretated the announcement (very likely)

Because you know, when they do something for one single player or one single spell/dragon, they will open the gates for everyone else.


There is a fourth and fifth option as well:

  1. PG explains that for several years all healing spells were always based on base health and formally apologizes if you misinterpreting the announcement and correcting the descriptions of Healing mark and Spring renewal. At the same time acknowledging that Aibrean’s Healing amount is less than intended (and implied) and consequently gives it a boost (unlikely)

  2. Ignores all of this while they sit in their offices and laugh at the player base. (likely)


Good points :smile:

Although I doubt that Spring’s Renewal was ever intended to heal more than healing mark AND give 2 rage. That sounds pretty damn overpowered to me for a 1 rage spell, just my opinion.


Healing mark sucks without runes though… i figured they were tempering that fact with less significant runes.


If a fully 3 runed HM can give you 70-80% would 35% for SR be that much OP? 2 rage yes, but HM has no cool down…


Seems like they are going with the likely scenario. Ignore, ignore, ignore.


Pls, can u test if the damage of “Ghostfire Blast” is affected by the increase in HP due to runes / riders / gears / consumable etc ? I know, in theory it should not, but I have seen that you have Corthanak and please I would like a field test
thx u mate


Hi everyone!

I’ve just made a new post that explains the thinking behind the changes to Healing Mark’s functionality - please take a look over on that thread for the latest information!


so Oksana will be released this week? Do we know with which gear she will be released?


Dark element gear.


Thanks, oh great. Dark. Which I don‘t need AT ALL



I’m pretty disappointed too… we’ve had 3 riders released, and no earth or fire… had to make my own in Atlas since 2 of my best are fire type.

They should make it like in the Atlas quests where you can pick a suit of your choice.