Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


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It is Spring Revivals functionality that we are questioning, not Healing Marks. More specifically its lack of healing ability when it was advertised as being noticeably stronger than HM (based on the information we the players had at the time). Your changes to Healing mark to ensure it functioned similar to how it did before you made those changes (which i still dont understand why those changes were even needed) is secondary to the fact that SR was advertised as healing DOUBLE what HM does.

In this other thread you don’t address this. Now i don’t expect you to actually double SR’s healing amount. But has PG looked at how well that spell is performing and perhaps more importantly how well its runes are performing?

Take the Epic for example. It adds 12.5% heal gain as an expert rune… when fully boosted and with the most common research SR heals for about 12.5% (the state most people fly their dragons in) which means this rune adds about 1.5% healing when made experted (less with a rider and more research)… Thats next to nothing! Even the Legendary adds only 3% healing (again less with a rider and more research). To add insult to injury these two runes dont have a secondary benefit. Why not?

Has this been looked at? and if so or if not can you share the reasoning for these runes being so weak?


All that. Healing Mark can now almost heal 90% properly runed and SR fully runed barely more than 20%. Just 35% as it should be would suffice, as it stands it is just good to leave 2 rage for followers as he dies


Both SR and HM works fine. Stop to complain :slight_smile:


So you are thrilled with the Epic and Legendary runes and the dragon in general?


SR is not working “fine”;

HM legendary rune gives +88% healing; SR legendary rune gives +25% healing
HM legendary rune has secondary effect, SR legendary rune does not have secondary effect

They need to bump the total amount of healing for SR, and the easiest (least broken) way of doing it is making the runes add similar amounts of heal as HM


or at least somewhere in the middle. I dont think they should be as strong as HM runes. But definitely stronger than they are.


what about the TWO rage bar ?? stop to complain, my Aibrean works really well and heals a good %.


Out of curiosity what level is yours and what level bases are you flying against?



What about it? Rage is no good when you are dead. You raise 1 rage gain, I raise you a long ass cooldown.

Not sure what level you are, nor what level your airbean is.

Mines expert - the healing isnt that great. The dragon fairs poorly against level 500+ bases.


Agreed and its not like it can cloak for those “oh crap, i need to hide for a min” moments.


Thats actually a big problem at the moment, he has a fairly tight spell rotation, but he runs out of ammo, and has no real way to “hide” while it regens.

Dont get me wrong he isn’t horrible, but he needs a little bit more healing / bit more survivability.

SO they can either add a secondary effect to the rune to reduce cooldown on flash, or they need to give him a bit more healing, so his effective health increases


An alternative suggestion:

  1. Remove the cooldown of flash so Aibrean can focus on towers utilizing beam attacks.
    • Improves survivability without making him OP
    • Makes flash a more feasible alternative to cloak when engaging tough islands(with the current flak heavy meta)
  2. Change the epic SR rune to a chaos rune

The above mentioned change would require more rage though.
So my proposed solution to this:

  1. Decrease the cooldown of SR (let’s say about another .75 secs) while maintaining the same healing rate over time(meaning heal per cast decreases).

This gives Aibrean a different but still viable playstile other than your everyday cloaky hunter.
*Aibrean can’t set up overly high bases
*However, Aibrean can clear reasonably high bases more easily

Still, one can’t argue that cloak gives you more flexibility and control. You can almost engage and disengage at your own leisure. Especially if the bases setup is unfavorable(in Aibrean’s case beam weapons).
Flash does let you do damage while still getting some aspects of cloak. Why not build on this difference?

Just my thoughts. I leveled Aibrean to lvl 27,so my experience clearly doesn’t match that of higher lvl players. But I’m still interested in Aibrean becoming an useful dragon😁.


there are lots of ways to make it a better hunter. adaptive resist would do it, or change flash to cloak. But that isn’t needed. If SR actually healed a decent amount (closer to how it was advertised) it would be fine and not OP.


i dont think the expected healamount of 35% would be too op.
so why just change it and give the player what they expected and paid for.


Of course, seeing SR buffed would be nice. A simple yet effective solution. The way PG phrased their response though:

Do keep fighting though. Aibrean could become a really good hunter. Even has the looks😏


If flash was reset by blues, they wouldn’t need to touch flash CD.
That being said, I’m on the renewal needs some kind of buff to get it to 35% actual heal.


From my experience he can die quite fast in strong(ish) short islands, as the amount he heals is gone in less then a second: having precasted chaos if I hit the monument after killing 2 or 3 towers out of 5 I will not have the ammo to quickly renew and die. Most of the cases is the ice tower that kills me. If I had a decent healing, aka the announced one, I would have an extra second of ammo and maybe cast a 2nd havok 🤷


I’ve kept my mouth shut about this because I didn’t get Aibrean. But in sympathy for those of you who did, I have to say that I would be pissed if I got him and found out after the fact that his base healing amount was less than advertised. The way it was “marketed” seemed to me that the base healing amount for SR was twice the base amount of HM (20% vs 10%) but that the runes for SR weren’t as good as the ones for HM. I figured that would make for some decent healing with runes added- not as good as HM, but still pretty good. But to find out, after people committed to the dragon, that the base amount is really about the same as HM… that makes a BIG difference. And it’s not necessary because (given all the player feedback so far), the extra amount would not have made him OP.

Again, even though it doesn’t affect me, I feel the need to vote in solidarity because this is a case of false advertising and I think PG should make it right for those who got the dragon.


Aside from the false advertising, I think Aibrean is a perfectly acceptable DISCOUNT dragon as is.

Poll’s arent conclusive, but I would say this one, at the very least, shows that Aibrean is comparable to Avyx (a full priced dragon).


My Avyx and Aibrean have the same raw stats currently, Aibrean even has the better rider and i would still take Avyx over aibrean 9/10 times. And the fact that it is Discounted has no bearing on how useful it should or should not be.

i have a feeling most people answered that poll based on how the spells read (which turned out not to be accurate) or based on the fact that Aibrean can be harbringer where Avyx can not. Or simple by people who don’t know what they are talking about.