Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


I don’t usually call for changes to dragons but in this case I do agree SR needs a slight buff. It’s underwhelming atm and I really need to plan when and where to cast SR. And you usually need 2-3 casts per long island for survivability.

Perhaps when chaos runes get fixed this will go away as towers will die faster. I’ll wait and see what happens then.


Not all of us have chaos left. I would be happy if he would be survivable with the runs they gave us to his branch :thinking::thinking: lucky you!
But yeah I deserve to be punished for not waiting 2 weeks :joy:


So it seems like you want no improvement just because you didn’t get it?
I don’t understand how you are trying to make suggestions which make game better here.
Saying old advertising was misleading, and speaking as if it’s fine to continue forever?
We are not asking buffed to be op AF here. Just double of HM as advertised.
Also, flash is not equal to cloak in it’s behaviour and look at the cooldown time for SR.
We just want a different dragon. It’s not too similar to Avyx anyway.
Also discount is just a gesture, which in no way entitles dragon to be weak compared to other divines ( except mythics of course) .
And from my understanding, you know your stuff so stop saying discount warriors can be equal to discount hunters.
It’s by design of game and you know that . When you compare them the way you are, it just feels stupid .


My suggestion to make the game better is to not change spells around after a dragon is released.

I did my research into how Aibrean’s spells work before making a decision, as did many other people. People made their decision based on how that dragons spells currently work. How is it fair to make the dragon stronger after the discount is over? What do you suggest to do about the people who decided the discount wasn’t worth it for Aibrean 1.0, but feel it would have been worth it for Aibrean 2.0?


So advertising something and not giving that is fine? I don’t understand what you want to get with it! It just seems more selfish


Do you think Aibrean current SR spell is similar to what it was advertised?
Yes or No


It said it heals 20%, it does. Does any spell work from buffed HP instead of base HP? Not anymore as far as I am aware.

I agree they could have been more clear, but I think the big stink over “false advertising” is taking it a little far.

Do a search on Leo’s. Look at all of the people who felt his spells should have been buffed. Look at the picture they released which showed him having cannon resist instead of dark flak resist. Should PG have given him cannon resist so they weren’t “false advertising”?


Thanks. There are thousand of player who will have only this 1 dragon for this season. PG sold a product and it should be as per originally advertised details. If they are not doing that and going in to details to fixing HM causing impact on new SR runes, then this is false advertising for their brand new product.


Well then Abraxxas should have a 2 rage Super Heated Breath and a Blue Malefic Breath. Sage should have a Blue Thunderstorm. Borgian and Kinnarus should have completely different spell sets. Leos should have Cannon Resist instead of Dark Flak resist. Etc.

Don’t rush to spend your sigils, especially if you see new spells and don’t know how they work. Don’t assume anything in this game. If you can only afford one dragon, then you should probably wait to see which one gets the best reviews.

Asking to have spells changed because you don’t like the choice you made is more game breaking than Aibrean healing a smaller amount than you expected when you didn’t take the time to research it.


Since I barely went for him I’m not really in either camp but I will say it’s like buying a car advertised at 400hp and when they buy the car they find it to be 220hp. You might be a car guy and say “well yeah if you had checked under the hood you’d see x, y, and z” but most people see what’s advertised and expect that to be what it is.

Kind of a crude analogy not trying to insult either party because shit I would have zero clue how to check the files and see what the spell does in actuality. I can see where you’re coming from but it’s not standard for people to be able to check the files (I can’t) so kind of unfair to hold the player base to that sort of standard that it’s on them to check the files to make sure PG isn’t lying before picking their dragon. Or know somebody who can check the files (only people I know of are on this forum, not my team).


I don’t feel insulted and understand that point of view. However, I would use the analogy: “This car was advertised as having a weight to power ratio of 20 lbs per horsepower. However, when I packed the trunk and roof rack and had the The Klump family riding as passengers, the car was only operating at a weight to power ratio of 28 lbs per horsepower. False advertising!”

I don’t check the game files. Since my first season I checked the forums to see what people have to say about the season dragons. There are players who go for the discount line no matter if they like the dragon or not. They like the discounted goodies and will earn enough sigils to get everything else they want on top of that anyway. Let those players test the new spells and give feedback. If someone can only afford one dragon for the season, they really shouldn’t rush their decision.


I just can’t understand this debate… This is not asking to buff, It is to restore! We know the pros and cons of all spells, SR problem is something else. How is it fair after spending so much rune dust for the spell to heal the same amount? Or was it worth just for the -1 sec CD?? If we get more goodies now you will receive later, in the same season.


But you are getting them for half price, and in time to help you with the next events. If that wasn’t an advantage, there would be no reason not to wait to see what the best dragon is.

Personally, I think with all of the other choices that have been added onto the seasons, the discount dragon should remain on discount all season. Those who want/need the discount could take more time to learn about the dragon and see if it’s worth it. Those who like to save their sigils won’t feel ripped off if the discount dragon happens to be the best one of the season. Everyone wins.


I think the problem is that SR is just underwhelming in general, even with an unbuffed dragon and maxed runes which is what I usually run.

With the change to base HP, research now makes SR healing % less. So visually you don’t even get 20% heal anymore even with max runes.

Too late now, but healing spells really needed to be based on base HP PLUS research modifiers. I agree it shouldn’t include equipped modifiers but research is research. It applies all the time. So it should have been part of base HP calculations. @PGCrisis please feedback this to dev team for future reference.


I love how you simultaneously bash people for “rushing in” yet you rely on their judgment for making your own decision. Now we are here telling PG that SR needs to be closer to what was advertised and you are again criticizing us. Yet you don’t even have the damn dragon. Truth is you don’t know.

We get that you think Aibrean is fine. Yet when it was advertised as healing much more than it does you still didn’t think it was worth going for. You don’t have it, you haven’t flown it, so until that changes please just stay out of it.


I (and many others) got screwed on this. Sure, if you looked at Kinn version one, maybe you just really wanted pink? There was nothing at all about this dragon that was appealing. Same with Borgian. And I’m not a hunter now and always person… Some hunters suck. Borgian sucked. So, why should I get him. These seasonal dragons had been nerfed before, but never made stronger.

Armed with this information, I made a choice, dropping all my sigils on Zamrok (who’s not bad for a Warrior) just a few days before changes were announced.

And guess what? Those changes made a huge difference. I would have chosen a different dragon. I was pretty angry. But it didn’t get me anywhere… So, now I just fly Zam as best I can and think about that whenever new dragons come out.

Oh and Drakius was actually pretty good too. Then they changed his spell. Now he’s worthless.


Agreed PG needs to learn how to effectively test their dragons BEFORE ever releasing information about them and when they do they need to be clear about what information they do give out… Unfortunately communication and testing is obviously not their strong suit. Regardless Borg and Kin is getting a little off topic. Boosting a dragon unexpectedly is a little different then blatantly being told one thing, then given another. But yes if they would just learn how to build a well thought out balanced dragon and could communicate to us properly both of these issues could have been avoided.


What did they change on drakius? I should know since I got him… :joy:


Two words, one spell: Vampiric Touch.


Do you remember what Borg and Kinn had before they got changed? I started playing halfway through the summer season and have always been curious