Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


Borgian had Lockdown, that was the main reason players said he sucked.
However there were a few players that got used to it and said it would have been an interesting spellset.


Kinn had a white summon warrior with a boosted health stat, and was supposed to be impervious to redmage shots, but that was not the case so they scrapped it. He also had some form a resurrection and I wanna say freeze, but I could be mistaken on that last one.


it was freeze


SR isn’t that bad since you can cast on monuments between islands…


Can you in Atlas now? That does help with some bases and some islands.


Nope, not yet. It sucks even more bc you can’t get rid of it on the turns and miss out on monuments.


Nope. Atlas monuments don’t work… that’s ok by me though… the bases are easier.

I’m thinking more about wars, where you get drained and could still potentially hit the next island with full rage.

Now if they just fix chaos runes, we can start enjoying the “nerf Aibrean, it’s OP” threads.


ya Aibrean is good against Mage drain islands… but its the long that kills it.


I’m trying to figure the best spell pattern on the longs… problem is with flash the back towers are out of range until after chaos ends… wish they’d adjust duration to compensate… or increase hunter shot range.


If you can only afford one or two dragons for the season, then these are the people whose feedback you should wait for. If you aren’t a whale and rush your decision, prepare to be disappointed sometimes.

It wouldn’t have mattered what % PG gave in the description, I still would have waited to see how that dragon actually performs.

In other news, I see a thread to buff Kirin and to buff Corthanak at the top of the forums this morning. Should the players who don’t have those dragons keep their mouths shut about those too? Lets just buff every dragon whenever someone asks for it.


So you need sacrificial lambs for your own purpose. Seems great motive there.
What is the purpose of announcements in that case?

If they were not doing what was advertised, we would endorse those too. That’s not the case here.


Omg how many times are you guys going to gloss over this point?


my thoughts exactly.


Ok there are players probably low lvl, who can’t afford other than discounted, if they want to get far enough in that branch. Would you relay on their opinions how he perform? My 74 lvl alt would tell you how awesome he is. They can’t lvl him quick enough to have all spells available not to mention all runes etc. within 2 weeks. Others could pick him for stuff in branch, have better dragons and will not even hatch him …
If you see spells you can usually have some general expectation (you can still be surprised). I waited long enough to expect based on reviews he is better than Avyx (had no idea how are runes calculated etc. ). If you just store sigils and wait you don’t have such quick progress therefore it’s not efficient to wait to the last day. This discussion is pointless. I am still convinced PG should improve Aibrean to be on lvl he was advertised. Not to make him OP, but viable and (with very good skills) useful even against defenders. Otherwise I got second Kinnarus for helping my big teammates on their XP farm. Which is not enough :thinking::thinking:


You need someone to tell you if a dragon is good or not?


Most people in this game “feed me your opinion so I can promptly tell you why it’s a shit one”


When you got Kirin, were you able to get all of his stones? I couldn’t get close enough for one.


Yes I did :+1: Maybe the last one was a mistake , will know when I get to obsidian :rofl:


Hiw did the test go? my chaos rune isn’t working…isn’t effective…Anyine hear on ETA on fix?


What are you doing to test it?
Also, check out the solution to this chaos rune post: