Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


It wasnt effective on Aibrean… thank you for the link…it shed some light. :smiley:


What makes you say this? And are you saying it’s still the case?


its working fine for me. 369% damage with mythic glyph and legendary rune


Unfortunately with gear changes these spells wont be very effective on e you get good gear.


I brought Aibrean into lineup and took a few runs… looks like his chaos spell is slightly better. I do have the legendary chaos ruin on him. Usually I have to fly him real close to a tower before the chaos activates.


… you have to tap the chaos spell to activate. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.


Where are y’all getting chaos runes/glyphs from? I have none and also looked at the post showing the available rune drops for March (the season?) and it’s not available. Did they come as part of a line to a past season divine?


3-4 seasons ago, or more




Tangu line, 2016/ 2017 winter season.




Feels like ages ago


Yeah, Finally used it after all that time :yum:


I think Fae also had one in the branch, not too sure tho :thinking:


I got legendary chaos from my free bonus runic… it’s still sorta available.


Mine were from Fae. When they gave out apology gift for changing the spells.


According to the list here, chaos runes were removed from runic chest drops immediately following the release of the only dragon from the past year that could actually cast Chaos.


I didn’t see that. And it’s been a few since I got it. That’s a bummer… good looking out tho! :+1: