Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


This should be the behaviour though I’m not pg staff.


yeah, that’s the most logical behavior, but just want confirmation so that other won’t get confused.


Not pg, but the answer is no, no immunity.

This one.



just making sure. don’t want to be disappointed early on lol.


What is CC immunity?


means that you are immune against all forms of disable (Crowd Control) for a few second after getting hit by a disable.

This is used mostly on MMORPG type games boss monster where after they got hit by a stun or knock down skill, they cannot be disabled for X seconds.

But if we just give the meaning of CC immune, then it should be no chance of being disabled or slowed by any kind of ability. You can get damaged, but cannot receive any debuffs that is classified as Crowd Control (CC)


Dumb question… What’s the 3.15 in corner of token boost and other numbers on other branches signify?


Token costs in thousands.


The amount of sigils required x1000. So 3,150 sigils for the egg boost.


So it’s 3,150 tokens for the egg bonus? :hushed:




Sigil amount for each branch


So 78k sigils for the more powerful rider? Might be too rich for my cheap blood.



Lut lut noot noot. Beat me to it. Oops :sweat_smile:


Why does the warrior refer to winter instead if spring ?


he’s a late bloomer?

Get it? Spring, blooming?



So … there won’t be a discounted end of the season dragon? :thinking:


He protects those who spend the winter in slumber, till SPRING comes.


I think I’m going for the hunter, but the warrior seems fine too! Is it just me the one thinking this season dragons seems to be awesome?! Apart from the mythic :yum:


Wow, i kinda want all 3 :flushed: