Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


Think it depends on what the “April fools surprise” is going to be.


That’s not end of season tho … more like almost mid-season.


Hopefully not that they decide all are OP and castrate them


PG must have learnt the lesson this season and won’t do that to us again. Though for me Kirin was fantastic, I had spare sigils :smiling_imp:


Fair. I would assume that that is the only opportunity for another dragon to potentially be released.


@PGCrisis - For the cooldown on Spring Renewal - does that start immediately after casting the mark, or after the marked tower gets destroyed?


If it’s after the marked tower is destroyed, that will be a major pain :expressionless:


Any info on what oksana’s stats will boost?




Judging from other similar spells in the game, I would assume as soon as it’s cast on a tower or monument. Don’t quote me though…


Man. That hunter sure sounds interesting.


It should be after cast, unless they decide to change spell behavior for the sole purpose of hurting feelings


Duration is how long the spell lasts (even if it is immediate, most spells have duration). Cooldown starts once duration is complete, and is how long you must wait after the spell has completed before you can cast it again.

Frost shield, for example, will, assuming it is not silenced out or broken by a cannot, last for 4 seconds. As soon as the duration is over, another 1.5 seconds must pass before you can throw up another shield.

Winter’s bite, duration of 4.5 seconds, frozen effect is 2 seconds, cooldown is 3 seconds. So the very last tower you touch will have 1 full second of not being frozen before you can use the skill again. .


The cool-down starting “after cast” is a bit vague with a spell that can be preloaded. I would hope that you can pre-cast it around a corner & shave a second or two off the cool-down. Thoughts?

edit: While I’m at it, can anyone clarify the Winter’s Bite:
“Projectile speed increases from 95 to 300.”

Does this mean if projectile towers are /not/ frozen, they are firing at an absurd rate?!


May not be, unfortunately. If you think about timeshift on hau or even cloak, the spell effect has a time and the cool down follows only when it is finished. Otherwise the warrior would be a monster


No, it means the fire projectiles that comes out of the dragons mouth :grin: so 3x faster/stronger damage


It already indicates 70% buff–so is that just a visual component? I never really thought of the flamethrower attack as projectiles, but more of a beam based attack (like a water hose.)


I missed the 70%, now I’m confused as well :thinking:


The flamethrower flame has a speed in which the flames travel from the dragons mouth to the towers.

The faster the speed, the quick the tower freezes once you move your finger over it.


Spring Renewal gives 2 rage and 20% health. Looks pretty damn good to me.