Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


and more health with the runes/glyph!


It’s in essence a bunch of very rapid fire low damage shots to make the “stream”


How does this factor into the 70% buff? Is it an addition, making the buff even more?


I wish they released the other hunter lol I don’t know if I should wait or not


Each tiny flame now does 70% more damage. AKA if it used to do 100 damage, it now does 170


Being it’s fhe same day as Easter…

I’m really thinking same thing someone said before and some small treasure hunt for the day with increased prizes?

That would be neat!


Love how they are trying to make warriors good…Winter’s Bite is going to have great impact in wars because it looks like it can freeze mage projectiles. Regenerate as a zero rage spell means you basically get free 40% of your health back every 4 seconds.


I loved the suggestion that they hide something under a random house or normally-non-functional destructible.


Honestly I think these are some of the best seasonal dragons we have seen for a while. The hunter is a little bit like avyx with a few twists. That’s never a bad thing.

Sorcerer Actually looks quite fun. In theory it should be fairly strong too, especially for a sorcerer. In theory.

And the warrior looks reasonable as well. That’s some major utility with some pretty decent survivability. It’s probably one of the best warriors I’ve seen for a while.

Props where they are due. I like them all so far.


Corthanak looks like it will be very difficult to kill if a skilled flyer.


The sorcerer has NO spell to heal. This is the weakness however Corth has an invincibility spell called Ghostfire Wreath so we will have to see Corth in action vs defenders once someone unlocks her.


Hammers is gonna…


Could we get data of the goldchests depending on event to compare gain of every item maybe ?


Yeah big towers and hammers… :+1:

I never said it will kill any towers just that it will be difficult to take down lol :joy:


If I were you I would save sigils until the last few days that Aibrean will be available, gather feedback on him from other players if possible, and assess if you would be able to finish his line half off, the hunter line, and anything else you want to do.

And @Twitchx Perhaps they might also release another portrait like they did for Women’s Day 2017, but I agree that would be interesting.


I was under the impression that ghost wreath absorbs damage into health…:man_shrugging:t2:

Honestly they all look really good. I’m having a hard time choosing between the hunter and warrior for once lol

I have three solid hunters (Neptus, Borgian, Avyx) and a decent sorcerer (spindra) my only decent warrior is sage…decisions decisions


These dragons are WAY more interesting than what we got in winter. Just the designs alone are more appealing (well maybe not Corthanak, I keep seeing an Oryx antelope) than anything from winter other than Neptus. Thank you PG for finally making a good warrior. Now just make the 2nd event of the season a pvp event and we will be off to an awesome start


I’ll see…either way this discount hunter doesn’t have a spell that can one shot or disable a mage :sob: :joy: :joy:
However, it seems like it will be very strong if flown properly against bases relevant to the player level
I will probably wait for the other hunter hoping it’s not gargula


If you know how to fly avyx you know how to fly Aibrean


I know how to fly avyx…but why would I need 2 similar dragons? Players who mastered avyx may not like Albiean because flash won’t allow you to skip the island in fact the flight speed is reduced. I think some players might place spring renewal on towers for the backer attacker because 2 free rage for destroying a tower makes a significant difference.