Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


I think if he had a heal that would be overkill. It’ll be hard to rage drain her fully and, depending on how much damage the blast does. I mean if it can two tap decent level towers then that’s a good sign.

My only thought is ghostfire wreath says it absorbs all damage. Does that include sacrifice. I would assume no but it does say ALL damage.

@PGCrisis do you know offhand if the ghostfire wreath blocks the damage from sacrifice?


Invincibility shield does so good question.


Definitely hard to drain rage fully…
Abrian or whatever you spell it…has more expensive dmg spell but a healing mark that gives you rage back compared to avyx


Aibrean looks similar to Avyx, but not the same. He has greater burst damage capability but lesser ability to hit and run, hence he’ll be better as a war follower and worse as a lead.


I see Aibrean as an upgraded version of avyx because I have 2 chaos runes waiting to put on it. Otherwise yes they’re very similar.


2!? All I have is rare chaos. I wish the runes in the branch affected chaos damage instead of spring renewal health…I think we should get to choose or put in a bit of both. Just brainstorming



That’s the thing. It’s LIKE invincibility but I just get the feeling it’ll play out differently. I know this one blocks supershots like red mages but I get the feeling that’s not the only difference.


Fae to the rescue… :joy: legendary rune and mythic glyph :facepunch:


I knew that old rune would come in handy one day haha


Lol reminding me of my mistakes…I got fae’s gold stone and placing 3 legendary runes on her


I’m pretty sure @Enigma said that Flash dodges red mage supershots and blue supershots “if killed fast enough”. He also has a rage gaining mechanism so rage/worrying about disabling mages shouldn’t be an issue.


Disabling mages as in Desiccating Sand


Hence “worrying about”.
Don’t overthink it too much. Chaos will help if a mage drain contains higher level towers; once the blues are destroyed Flash can dodge the supershots. Then of course there’s Springs Renewal, which can also be pre-casted and destroyed later for extra rage.


If a tower is frozen by Winter’s Bite and it is, again, damaged by Winter’s Bite while frozen, the freeze duration is refreshed. Winter’s Bite’s cooldown begins once the spell duration ends. 4.5 seconds on, 3 seconds off. We are very aware of this spell’s base-locking potential and we took great care to ensure that defenders have clear opportunities to fight back against Nollaig.


Think of Sacrifice as costing Health to activate (You can’t activate Sacrifice if the HP cost would kill your dragon). Ghostfire Wreath does block all incoming damage but does not prevent the HP loss from Sacrifice.


Can you also confirm that regenerate has a 0 rage cost? That seems too good to be true to me!


There is a cooldown


It’s in the description man, cmon.


That still seems a little OP to me. 2 seconds of regeneration followed by 2 seconds of damage then you can cast it again for more regeneration. Would have to see it for real but i can see where it would be OP.


2 seconds on, 4 seconds off.