Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


Yes it is, but no offense to PG but they’ve been know to go back and “rebalance”. If the spell ends up costing 2 rage down the road, I’d rather it just be Rejuvenate, I’ve got tons of those runes and glyphs.


I really hope the mythic sorcerer in game wouldn’t be crawling flat on the ground like Shezard. Really wanna see a proudly standing one. But I guess it’s too late to change graphics if it is.


I guessed that was the case. Makes sense to be fair. Still, always worth checking. Thank you for getting back to us. :grin:


Then why did you say 2 seconds heal then 2 seconds later another heal?

I think you’re overreacting a bit much. You forget the spell is blue and can’t be done always on command as a result.


Oh yeah duh my bad. Was thinking the cool down started when the spell was cast.


Not to mention the slow attack speed of warriors tryna whittle down higher-level blues


The warrior certainly looks interesting. But if Destar can’t finish current level 60 with defenders, safely assume this legendary guy won’t. Still, an interesting warrior


Destar doesn’t have a +70% attack boost that freezes towers and projectiles?


For a warrior 170% buff with 4.5 seconds killing 2 towers is fortunate with just one hammer

Destar has half a tier higher raw stats than this guy and only needs one rage back to survive


I can indeed confirm that! The idea of “free” spells gated by a long cooldown was a design space we wanted to try out this season. We’ll be keeping an eye on how well these spells are received and how they fit into the game’s balance at-large.


Alluding to the rest of the divines :ghost:


What dragon do you all think is the best?


I really like the idea of a 0 rage 40% heal. This is definitely a good way of making a tank, well a tank. It’s active and engaging rather than just adding 60% health to the dragon, and it also gives the up/down health effect which both attackers and defenders like to see. If you forget to heal, then it’s your problem really right?

I think this is a very good way to give the dragon some more effective health rather than just smacking him upside the head with some extra HP. :+1:

EDIT: Also can i ask who was the person to come up with the overall concept of this warrior? If you are able to speak about that


All the dragons seem quite good this season. Not like last one!




Why was this flagged?


Prolly bc it’s off topic.


Ah that’s true. Wildly off topic lol


Pickles are delicious though :cucumber:


I put a legendary rage glyph and legendary cloak on whalegnawer :joy::joy:


But way back then he was the dragon that made me start to love Hunters.
So I guess at the time maybe he was worth it? :grimacing: