Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


But you only have so much life :cold_sweat: considering all of the spells take some away with each cast :cry:


No I’ll have to go back up and check but pretty positive only sacrifice takes a small amount of hp.

The attack spell just uses the % of hp and the other is a shield that doesn’t have anything to do with hp.


Meant to reply to you in the above post lol


No idea lol


Harbinger means Omen or something that announces the beginning, a foreshadowed, etc. Plus the Celtic theme. So I’m guesssing here… but the end of winter signals the beginning of spring :woman_shrugging:t2:


Thank god these both involve any kind of skill, wait…no, no they dont.


All the decent warriors are short lived. So far. Worry not lol


Only sacrifice hurts the dragon. The blast just damage equal to 15% max health. It doesn’t actually damage the dragon. It’s kinda like neptus riptide but with more power.


Flash would be interesting as a white spell!

Hope the other Hunter is better!


Last i tested these chaos runes they did not work. Looks like its time to test again :slight_smile:


When did you test them? They seemed fine as far back as fae


The same day as the update for warrior and sorcerers projectile rate, spells, etc…


I have 2 mythics, 2 legendaries, and 2 epics… I hope they work :joy:


Lol can only equip 1 each but yes me too!

Unless 2ndary is different?? Whats urs got, if different.


Mythics are same, but legendaries are different (can’t recall, think one gives lightning resist, and the other gives cannon) I just like the idea of increasing chaos as well as the spring renewal (obvious staple spell)


I was simply planning chaos and rage, not sure what more one could do


The line runes have been shown already, 2 for the renewal, and the mythic will lower the cooldown as well as increase the health gained, so there’s only room for another glyph (actually 2) but I have to use those sparingly since I’m waiting for the rest of the harbingers


Oh nice i didnt see that yet.

I wonder if any Avyx players are pissed? Lol


Why would they?


Basically a better avyx…imo