Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


It‘s not like there was a choice since they were released in two different seasons.
Also Avyx is capped in Obsidian so for Harbinger players it seems like a no brainer anyway and at that tier they are hardly compareable.


I didnt get anything but the gold chest from that branch. Kirin was the best imo rest garbage except Eq which i imagine is like borg and decent but not my “go to” when stakes are highest.

Anyway i would of wanted more time to enjoy him is all if i had went for Avyx.

If they werent pissed before i asked, i snuck that first part for flavor :grin:


Um…huh? Why lol nvm will see how THAT goes.

The sorcerer just is funny to me with that 3 rage spell.


Lol how great of a lead is Avyx to begin with.


I agree that it shouldnt be 0 it should at least be 1 at 40% hp recovery. This is going to wreck a lot of shit up even when the dragon eventually goes down from blue mage or ice flak special.


I don’t think your right here. At the end of the day it’s still a warrior. It won’t hsve the damage to brute force bases a hunter will. The zero rage thing will make him harder to kill but that doesn’t boost his ability to actually break bases.

That and it’s blocked by blue mages

Sorcerer actually looks reasonable as well in my view. Yeah it’s 3 rage but with sacrifice you can double, potentially triple cast this before Mage towers get a shot


With the item attack boost for dragons this is basically x2 :muscle: with :zap: speed. Then nearlyhalf max warrior hp to worry about.

The sorcerer …goodluck :slight_smile:


Most warriors have access to a super heated breath of some kind and the damage booster. They usually can’t deal with hammer spam with defenders. Undefended is another story.

I think your underestimating him but to each their own. An unblockable freeze that can be spammed as it goes round a corner is nothing to sniff at. That and the fact that it has a invincibility shield that blocks red Mage supers and ice flaks.

I think we are going to agree to disagree


So the warrior’s winter bite increases attack speed and damage. So does that mean not only does damage increase by 70% but the damage per second increase 200% too. I don’t have forum.


No think of it this way. It means that your fire moves faster from your dragon to the tower. So from no fire to fire hitting target. It does not increase dps unfortunately


70+ 30 = 100

It is not super heated breath and a no rage spell 40% max health rejuvenate is warriorific alright. I dont care that much its just my personal opinion it should be 1 bar.

Sorry was meant for @Mistborn20


Hey that’s fair enough. I may disagree but that’s just my view. I think he will be good. I think that 0 rage regen was an awesome move. But I don’t think him as A whole is amazing or in need of nerfs. We will see how it goes when he turns up. I could be wrong


Btw let someone come knocking with a temporary havok/ battle cry / kirin :smiling_imp:


What do u mean with 70+30=100 lol?

And i think the 0 rage cost for the rejuvenate is actually good. Thats the thing about warriors, they cant take down mages fast, so they always get hit. Now at least hes not 100% screwed when he gets hit by mages.
Even if its ‘OP’ in your opinion, dont u think warriors deserve some love? They need something ‘OP’ to be even slightly viable lol :joy:


Not sure what ya mean mate


Thank you very muchly for this. Hope Rune dust is enough :crossed_fingers:


I‘m not sure if that‘s how the skills work.
The way I understand it:

Winter‘s Bite:
4.5 sec duration, 2 sec freeze, 3 sec cooldown. I assume the cooldown will only start after the buff wears off, that means you need to wait 3sec to cast it again. Towers are only frozen for 2sec which leaves 1sec for supershots/mages to fire. By then you better took out the blue (and possibly the storm that shields it) so once you‘re rage zapped you can still keep on healing for 0 rage.
Also the freeze is not unblockable, I assume that the IceFlak can deactivate his buff.

Frost Shield:
It does not give invincibility and it also doesn‘t block red mage supershots from what the spell description says.
It only blocks 5 projectile shots and cuts beam damage in half.


The new dragons only show going to obsidian and not harbinger


No, that’s Harbinger. Same number of tiers as Neptus.


I did not count the tiers just went by the word obsidian egg