Springveil Season Showcase - New Dragons and Updates


OK…Look at it this way…this season after obtaining (choke) “only” 14k sigils (if you can complete 1/2 price dragon in two weeks) and 28k sigils from warrior you can OBTAIN the Mythic sorcerer…fly him…level him…AND DETERMINE if it is worth it to YOU to finish his line. Yes, if you max him to harbinger he will be roughly the same cost as past seasons but this allows F2P players a chance to obtain what previously only big spenders could afford…

As a side note…I anticipate seeing him being flown very early in the season instead of at the very end. This will benefit those who are considering obtaining him in that other players will share if he is “worth it” to get WHEN THERE IS STILL TIME TO GET HIM. In past seasons you were “rolling the dice” on the mythic–you spend 75-78k sigils to obtain a dragon only to find out you really don’t care for him…I know many people are happy with Neptus but somewhat disappointed with Moonfang. For once PG is letting it a little bit easier for the regular Joe a chance to drive that Ferrari…


I think you misunderstood me. That part was about the mythic sorcerer. I was referring to the ghostfire blast that you can precharge immediately, let rage build, fire, use again if possible, sacrifice, use again as it has no cd.

I referred to it as a freeze spell due to the fact it stuns towers. Saying that it really wasn’t clear so my bad there. I shoulda used the spells name. Sorry mate.


Ohh okay, yeah I totally thought that was still about the warrior :see_no_evil:
No biggie :wink:


@PGCrisis @PGLawson @pgC0ffee @pgEcho

I have few questions regarding the new mythic sorcerer, more specifically his spell Ghostfire blast.

15% of max HP.
To be honest, i have no idea of what it means in terms of tower level (don’t have the figures in mind but i guess towers don’t have all the same HP at a same level)
All my below questions (except the last one) will be linked to this lack of knowledge.

1/ At expert level, without boost, without runes, what type of towers/lvl can be instantly destroyed?

2/ same question as 1/ but adding 30%boost?

3/ same question as 1/ but adding maxed epic runes?

4/ same question as 1/ but adding maxed legendary runes

5/ same question as 1/ but adding maxed mythic glyph?

6/ same question as 1/ but adding 30% boost and all runes/glyph?

Mythic harbinger, we can expect that with boost and maxed runes/glyph it destroys all type of harbinger towers (current lvl 60, maybe lvl 65).
If it doesn’t and only destroy part of lvl 45 or 50 towers, this dragon will be useless for wars, probably useless to hunt food against high lvl base and will only be cool on invader/xp base (and it is not really what we expect for such a dragon).

One last question, what is the meaning of « no cooldown » can be obvious but i’d like to avoid misunderstanding
=> can we use it several times or is it a one time only spell (like the red one on Rhyo?)

Many thx in advance for your feedbacks!


That’s 15% of the HP of the dragon.

You can look dragon hp here: http://www.dragon-manager.com/dragon/E18Q1FinalDragon
And building HP here: http://www.dragon-manager.com/buildings

With nothing boosted, max HP is about 47M, which puts the spell damage at 7M. That’s about equal to the health of a lvl 57 storm tower or a level 55 dark flak, for example. With all research and boosts added in on both ends, I imagine you’ll end up at similar tower levels, but I don’t have any experience at that level of play so can’t really be too sure.


Corthanak has no portrait or did I miss it? And they’re all female again…


If I remember, it said in the live streams Corthanak wouldn’t have a portrait.


from one of the streams


If by chance the start of the season and the feeding event ends up starting significantly late as it did at the start of the Wintertide season, is any chance we could get an update letting us know when to expect it to start? Last time many of us were reloading the game for 2 hours waiting for it to start. The start time of resource events by themselves is usually very important so it would be really helpful to know.
@PGCrisis @Arelyna


It shouldn’t be an issue if your team notifies everyone in Line that the event is live and/or you check in every 1/2 hour or so. Having everyone online at the start would be pure chaos, so the current system works well.


That doesnt change having to continuously reload the game for up to 2 hours, just that only 1 or 2 people per team would be doing it. getting the info out isnt an issue, I said getting an ETA on the start time in tye event of another delay would be helpful


Thx for the feedback :grin:


These are the prettiest sigils thus far :heart_eyes:


Why is the mythic glyph on the discount hunter spring renewal and chaos damage? Above you list healing and reduced cooldown of spring renewal which is FAR preferable. Please change it!


Wow didn’t notice that. That’s not right @pgjared @PGCrisis @PGCoffee


I dunno I’d prefer the extra damage I think…how bout we let the season play out just a little before we start being all negative already


They don’t want the Chaos because they already have extra Chaos runes… :joy:


Yea not everyone does lol way to be selfish


With all due respect, if you were smart you would want reduced cooldown and I think that’s but the concensus you will find with other players. I could be wrong but I doubt it. Going from a 4 second cooldown to even 3 seconds makes a far greater difference for this drag than increased chaos damage.


Hey @Valkorn,

You are correct, the glyph is actually of healing and cooldown. The description is incorrect left over from an earlier version of the glyph that we didn’t catch. I apologize for the confusion, we will have the description fixed soon.