Springveil Stream Notes + Kingdom Wars

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New Structure

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Totals mentioned below assume maxing all lines in that section.

  • Week 1 (at release): Mythic Dragon Line (64-78k sigils total)
    • Requires only two dragons now: legendary hunter (full line 50% discounted for the first two weeks = 14k) and warrior (28k)
    • Legendaries max at Legendary Harbinger = 28k each (3k increase due to new tier)
    • Mythic maxes at mythic Harbinger = 22k sigils (no longer need a third dragon)
  • Week 3: Discount Rider (25k at full cost; twitch-created rider - Oksana, The Dread Hunter)
    • first page discount, which will have all shards required to expert on the first page - discount saves a few thousand sigils
    • gear will be dark
  • Week 6: Rider (stronger than current seasonal riders, 78k sigils total)
    • requires a different legendary hunter and legendary sorcerer (both full cost at 28k each)
    • rider = 22k to max
    • previewed approx. 1 week before, so Week 5
  • Egg Token branch is still available and is the same as last season.

Week 1: Corthanak, Aibrean, Nollaig

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Pre-Springveil/twitch miscellaneous

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  • Coffee reminisced about Wintertide’s structure and costs (25k per legendary dragon/riders at full cost, 3.5k for Neptus) and noted that Kirin was unplanned at the start of the season (initially said that there wouldn’t be a late dragon release at the start of the season, as Tor replaced it).
  • They expect to plan out holiday dragons in advance - none this season/no surprises.
  • There’ll be an egg token branch, but it isn’t shown on the slides.

facebook stream miscellaneous

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  • Arelyna tries to get PGCoffee renamed to PGTea
  • @mechengg needs to teach them how to say his name (currently mech-en-gee-gee :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Mythos collection
  • They want to see if they can show off the dragons a bit more in the YouTube stream, as the visual effects weren’t quite ready (or finalized).
  • Runes on the dragons have a meaning, but they didn’t remember on stream.
  • Dragons aren’t being flown on the stream, as new spells are still being finalized but will be available on the blog next week.
  • They also give some general tips in each dragon’s section, which starts by reading the lore (times in their respective sections at the end).
  • New icon image
  • PGCoffee has infiltrated a team and is spying on you :scream:
  • Q&A section starts 56:40, just doing highlights, not everything
    • Rune Vault alphabetical sorting is under development, no detail on how far along
    • Vague comments on easter egg hunting around 1:06:30
    • PGCoffee has a meeting about Ryuu (Water Shrine Dragon) tomorrow.
    • Reconfirmed no sixth dragon, apologies about surprise intro, etc. but decided that it’d be a nice surprise accessible by all players instead of limiting it to a breedable dragon stuck in a single tier

YouTube Gaming stream miscellaneous

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  • Visual effects weren’t quite ready, so they weren’t shown. They’ll be shown next week on all three streams.
  • Wintertide ends Tuesday 11:59 PM PST; super sigil chests will be available until the end. Remember to use all Wintertide Sigils; they don’t carryover (not to next season, not to next year).
  • Springveil starts with the Wednesday event
  • Blog post (as well as forums and social media) on Tuesday for Springveil and patch notes
  • No updates on Ryuu (meeting mentioned in the facebook stream)
  • Mentions of GPF involvement with glyphs/runes, towers
  • Ones related to dragons are in their sections below.
  • There are some plans to see if they can get people from the art team on stream.

Springveil Preview

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  • They’ll be sharing higher res art on the forums too, as well as a blog post next week.
  • There won’t be a sixth dragon, though there’ll be a surprise for April Fool’s.
  • Final Mythic Rune is now a Mythic Glyph
  • A lot more rune dust will be available in the season, as well as other aspects of the game
  • Portraits will be in the legendary branches and possibly the discount rider branch for a total of five. Portraits will continue to be free.
  • Currently no plans for a Red Envelope special - was specific for the holidays

Elements & Spells Details

Exeus has a great breakdown here, as well as closer angle shots, so I’ll add other info below instead :slight_smile:

Final spell details, courtesy of PoseidonPQ’s twitter:

Aibrean, Discount (first two weeks) Legendary Harbinger Wind Hunter

Click to show concept art, den images, and spells


image image



  • hi-res concept art here
  • 1st of 2 dragons required for Corthanak, Mythic Sorcerer
  • Lore at 18:25
  • spell preview in Exeus’s post linked above
  • final details for Aibrean
  • Portrait is Ara, lore at 47:41 (and each one is tapped through)

Nollaig, Legendary Harbinger Ice Warrior

Click to show concept art, den images, and spells






  • hi-res concept art here
  • 2nd of 2 dragons required for Corthanak, Mythic Sorcerer
  • Lore at 29:57
  • spell preview in Exeus’s post linked above
  • final details for Nollaig
  • Rune was integrated into its helm
  • Portrait is Deidre, lore at 50:07 (and each one is tapped through)

Corthanak, Mythic Harbinger Fire Sorcerer

Click to show concept art, den images, and spells


image image


  • hi-res concept art here
  • requires Aibrean and Nollaig
  • Lore at 39:45
  • spell preview in Exeus’s post linked above
  • final details for Corthanak
  • will not have a portrait

Week 3: Oksana (Discount Rider)

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  • from Springveil preview: Dark gear, standalone branch (like Tor and Kayla), first page discounted for two weeks, 25k at full price
  • starts at about 24:45 in the March 15 facebook stream
    • no stat detail/skill tree yet :frowning:
    • YouTube Gaming stream might preview Oksana in-game/have more details
Click for skill options, gear, portrait previews
  • del

  • image

  • will have an animated portrait as well but wasn’t previewed

  • image

Week 6: Samhrad (Earth Sorcerer), Fomhar (Dark Hunter), Terris (Veteran Rider)

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  • mentioned Atlas Expansion
  • noted Gameplay Faction involvement with testing/balancing the hunter and sorcerer
  • no secret 6th dragon, outside of Chunk in blue tier (no longer available, was for April Fool’s)
  • Team Quests reset at 6 PM Pacific Time; there’s more detail in the Weekly Event Changes section below.
  • No more discounts
  • Currently week 5, so dragons are coming out next week.
  • fb: Credit for Siege Weapons will be out before the start of Kingdom Wars.
  • fb: Credit for consumables used before the King of the Hill restart is still in progress.
  • fb: New forum contest in the next week or so
  • fb: Lots of emphasis on PGCoffee, PGCrisis, and Arelyna being very active on the forums, just that PGCoffee lurks a lot.
  • fb: No update on when Atlas will be available
  • fb: Blog on Tuesday will have full spell details
  • fb: Team Quests feedback is being followed, and the next iteration is being figured out. They’ll be enacting changes for future events, such as Breeding next week. Kingdom Wars will be the week after that :wink:
  • fb: PGCoffee confirmed no plans to bring back old divines.
  • yt: Dragons will be flown next week.
  • yt: In the future, there may be red evolving discount dragons but not this season; they’d announce it at the start.

Week 5’s Stream Structure Preview of Week 6’s Release

Samhrad, Legendary Harbinger Earth Sorcerer

  • 28K sigils to complete
  • will have runes specific to spellset, similar to how others progress
  • fb: section starts/lore at 9:36
  • fb: Colors and spells were finalized for new spells, but numbers (cost, percentages, etc.) are still being finalized, so just the general purpose is being shared for now. The blog on Tuesday will have full spell details.
    • Summer’s Purification - New!: red, heavily damages all towers in the area and restores health for each tower destroyed
    • Northern Lights - Dark: 2 Rage Blue | Conjure an invincibility shield that prevents all damage for 6 seconds and then applies Rage Marks to all nearby towers when it expires. Blue Mage Towers cancel this effect. 4-second cooldown.
    • Solar Strike - New!: red, “really heavy damage” - think of a version of death gaze or umbral spike (they’ll confirm)
    • Fire Turret Resist: Reduce damage taken from Fire Turrets by 70%
  • fb: not a great lead dragon but good for follow after mages have been taken out (note: and cannons/ice flak, ideally :wink: )
  • fb: no details for runes yet
Expand for Portrait Art: Dryad with 3 static & 4th animated

Fomhar, Legendary Harbinger Dark Hunter

  • 28K sigils to complete
  • will have runes specific to spellset, similar to how others progress
  • fb: lore at 18:18
  • fb: Colors and spells were finalized for new spells, but numbers (cost, percentages, etc.) are still being finalized, so just the general purpose is being shared for now. The blog on Tuesday will have full spell details.
    • Autum’s Reap - New!: blue, deals increased damage and rage regeneration for a short duration & gains health for towers destroyed while active
    • Entrap - New!: white aoe (but not an entire island), temporarily disables towers in the target area & disabled towers can’t attack or use supershots until either the effect expires or the tower takes damage
    • Vanish - New!: basically Cloak but parameters being worked on
    • Ice Turret Resist: Reduce damage taken from Ice Turrets by 70%
  • fb: no details for runes yet
Expand for Portrait Art: Makduil with 3 static & 4th animated

Terris, Veteran Dragon Rider with Fire Gear

  • requires finishing Samhrad (28k sigils) and Fomhar (28k sigils)
  • 22K sigils to complete
  • As always, riders themselves have no element; element is determined by gear.
  • not a defensive rider but one may (note may) be considered for summer
  • yt: Rider stats are final.
  • yt: At Expert: +12% Dragon HP, +10% Dragon Attack
  • yt: Full Gear Set: +25 to each Dragon HP and Dragon Attack
  • yt: Expert Rider + Full Gear Set: +37% Dragon HP, +35% Dragon Attack
  • yt: They’ll see how Terris performs, which will determine the future of Veteran Dragon Riders.
  • yt: Other skills will be revealed on the blog.
  • yt: No portrait in this/mythic dragon but may be considered in the future - not currently due to ease of access
  • Dragon Manager for an overview of dragon elements.

New PvP/Major Event: Kingdom Wars (next PvP event)

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  • most strategic, heavily rely on team coordination, not just the strongest team will win (if they lack coordination)
  • primarily drew inspiration from Conquer the World and King of the Hill
    • Conquer the World: liked the big map with each team having their own territory, disliked lack of strategy (how it didn’t matter which team was attacked & arbitrary territory growth)
    • King of the Hill: liked concept on conquering and taking over something, disliked consumables that added unnecessary complexities and lack of fortress options (resulted in mostly only top teams holding them)
  • give players a war commander feeling upon seeing the map
  • will have hexagons, drew inspiration from board games, also simplifies forms and clearly shows paths towards enemies
  • can only attack adjacent territories
  • Three territory types, all but capital start as a Blackblood territory with different levels to attack (more points for higher levels)
    • Every team starts with one capital, dragon icon, assigned at random at event start; it can’t be conquered or lost.
    • plain territories (no icon) grant points over time, easiest to conquer, most common
    • Minor Monuments, grant more points over time, harder to conquer, less common, yt: quoted :stuck_out_tongue: 14 or 15 but not finalized & may change per event run
    • Major Monuments, grant most points over time, toughest to conquer, least common, fb: only 5 on the map
  • They’ll be monitoring placement of capitals over time and adjust as needed for future runs of the event
  • Example, not populated map, for the next event

  • will be able to see which territory belongs to who and leader/officers can target territories
  • No event-specific consumables (no barricades, siege weapons, etc.). Mega Coins will be usable.
  • The map may change eventually, but it’ll primarily be the placement of special territories at first. If there are major issues, the map will be adjusted accordingly.
  • No rounds or energy refreshes at certain interval (assuming that it’s 24h then?)
  • No bonus meter, but it’s being worked on and standardized for introduction to all major events.
  • Raid button has some technical difficulties and is being worked on; again, they’re looking at it for all major events.
  • fb: Kingdoms - dots show attackable territories
  • fb: Separated Territories: (green = your capital & red x = shows connecting path that was cut off) can no longer expand out from unattached territories (as indicated by lack of dots), until lands in between the two have been reconquered - reduces having scattered territories everywhere
    • yt: You still get points for separated territories.
  • fb: Numbers are subject to change, just use these as an example. The first team to inflict 100% damage claims the territory - no more King of the Hill randomness/frustration/complex rules. Coordinated attacks make it possible to spike a claim.
  • fb: Blackbloods won’t return to the territory once conquered, so the first phase will be more PvE before moving to more PvP.
  • yt: Attack Order - can place up to five, so could either draw a path or spread out attack orders & Team Objective (text box) from Fight Pits is still available
  • yt: Territory HP scales by league, so silver league territories will have less HP than diamond; they’ll be monitoring and adjusting as needed.
  • yt: Team Points: more territories owned & Individual Points: damage done


  • yt: Defending your territory
    • yt: No dedicated defense mechanism, such as King of the Hill barricades, which added too much complexity
    • best way to defend is to conquer the territory that you’re being attacked from
  • yt: Racing to landmarks but super narrow means that it’s vulnerable to being cut off
    • faces from “funnest” sidebar
  • yt: Slower expansion
    • yt: also has more attack options due to having more neighboring land, though the enemy does too
  • yt: Cutting off enemy access stalls their progress (e.g. stuck at 70%) vs reset

Weekly Event Changes (23:35) from March 21

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Team Quests (31:46)

L1 Chest Example

L10 Chest Example

  • going to try to roll out the new feature next week with fortification
    • gives people something to do during downtime (e.g. done building/breeding/feeding - what next?)
    • upcoming blog will have more detail, possibly listing all quest types
    • will be in both minor and major events
  • Team has a team chest that can be leveled by doing various activities
    • quests are different for every player, and some types will scale based on player level
    • easy, medium, and hard quests are on a 24h cycle (countdown in-game)
    • unscaled examples of sending 1k food to teammates 5x, defend 15x, 100% destroy 60 bases > L20

Major Events (38:45)


  • PGCoffee’s evaluation: + = does involve that area/good in that area, o = neutral/not heavily involved, - = doesn’t have much in that area/isn’t good in that area
  • Individual impact: how much does the individual feel like they contribute to the team’s success?
  • Round-based are the most demanding
  • wants to try to build events that are +s in every category, outside of PvE and rounds, which are more just characteristics
  • Key Elements of Change
    • Skill, Strategy, and Coordination when done correctly should payoff and feel rewarding
    • Reward Different Styles of Play: bonus meter removal hurt a specific style of play and turned some people off
    • Impact of Individual Effort: doesn’t like events where it doesn’t feel like you as an individual had an impact
    • Event Stability: more of an internal item to ensure that events run smoothly and can be improved upon more easily (futureproofing)
  • Upcoming Changes
    • New Major Events
      • Emphasis on the key elements of change (from above)
      • One to release this spring (preview soon!): lots of soons
      • One to release [est.] early summer (about to start development on it)
    • Bonus Meter Variation (In Development): love/hate relationship across the playerbase and will be addressed soon - more details a week or two away from release
    • Team Quests (covered earlier)
    • “Retiring” Old Events
      • Every season has room for four events to avoid their being run too infrequently, so they want to pick the best.
      • Capture the Flag
        • Too similar to Fight Pits, which is also more stable, unlikely to appear again
      • Conquer the World
        • Little strategy and personal impact, unlikely to appear again
      • King of the Hill
        • Unstable, has similarities with an upcoming new event
        • 4/4 (in two weeks, so after fortification) retirement party, unlikely to appear again
        • There’ll be some exchange method for barricades and siege weapons; these items won’t drop in chests to avoid people having surpluses.
        • will try and take aspects that people like
      • Gauntlet
        • Stable & currently unique, so will remain in rotation for now (so not actually being retired right now)

Miscellaneous Highlights

  • There’s always a lot covered, so I just pick out highlights.
  • Mega Coins are continuing to be looked at, though the new bonus meter variation may help that
  • Egg Token drops (egg hunt) will be around for the next couple weeks.
  • Chaos Runes fix will be in the next update (posted a couple days ago)

Thread Updates

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  • March 1: added facebook stream miscellaneous and sections after New Structure, updated structure image, concept art preview shifted into dragon sections, added hide details throughout to condense it a little bit (click to expand sections)
  • March 2: updated YouTube Gaming link & time, added YouTube Gaming stream miscellaneous, removed the note that it was just the twitch stream… :rofl:
  • March 4: added link to Arelyna’s post with the hi-res concept art under each dragon
  • March 6: added spell details to each dragon from PoseidonPQ’s twitter & official post up top + fun facts
  • March 16: restructured, collapsed Week 1, & added Week 3 (Oksana info)
  • March 20: added Oksana official post, collapsed Week 3
  • March 21: added weekly events notes, might as well keep it together
  • April 4: Added Week 6 details + New PvP Event (Kingdom Wars), and updated new structure image
  • April 5: The Week 6 section with new details from facebook (dragon spells, more Kingdom Wars details) have been tagged with fb:; added link for streaming schedule
  • April 6: new info from YouTube Gaming’s prefixed with yt: (Miscellaneous, Terris, Kingdom Wars)
  • April 10: hid week 6, added forum link
  • May 31: collapsed Kingdom Wars section to make the post easier to scan through for future ref

Thanks for giving us the info :+1:

Have to say, I’m not a fan of hiding a rider behind 2 full price dragons, stronger or not. It better be a LOT stronger than any rider currently in the game.


Excited about the discount dragon lol as I spent waaaaaaay too much money this season…yw pg lol


Looks like they’re making mythic riders now…gonna be seriously OP for those who have them I bet

Not that I’ll get them but it’s a nice change to the repetitive nature seasons have been since their introduction

PGCoffee specifically wanted to avoid the “mythic rider” terminology; they’re still figuring out balance with it. But yeah, it’d need to be pretty compelling :see_no_evil:


Lol I didn’t even watch the stream…looks like as much as they want to avoid it…that’s pretty much what it’ll probably be

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To hide it behind 2 FULL price dragons, it has to be EXTREMELY better than anything currently ingame.

Whether they call it Mythic or not, that’s what it is, or will have to be, to even begin to get my interest, after the egg token boost, of course.


That’s a lot of sigils…

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See it this way, an atlas rider takes a LOT of effort & money for shards to expert. (Unless, you know, more active, utilize all and in atlas for long) This is an alternative to not have to go through all the hassle and still get 2 dragons & goodies out of it

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Gonna take a lot of effort and money to get all those sigils for it, for dragons that MAY not be worth it :man_shrugging:

If the premium rider’s skill tree is compelling enough, it does save 379 rider shards and 238k glory :see_no_evil:, though we’ll also have to see what kind of gear it gets - would assume better than max rare but how much better…

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That’s right, @forScience mentioned gear types. $99.99 atlas pack only give you 4 opportunities to craft 500 scroll gears and it usually comes out common. It’s another thing.

But yeah, in the end it depends on what’s packed inside

Besides, you get ZERO goodies for experting an atlas rider. I’m sure you know how much goodies are contained in a season branch.

Wouldn’t know anything about Atlas costs, cause, ya know, have not and all.


That’s not entirely true. Most only level riders during atlas training events, so you do get goodies. Not on the level of the ones in the season lines, but you do get stuff.

Thanks @forScience for getting all this info out to the Forums while we were streaming! :smiley:

We’ll be sure to upload the concept art for the first three Springveil Dragons to the Forums in the coming days, so you all have an opportunity to use it as a desktop background or screensaver. :slight_smile:

More news about the Springveil Season will be revealed on our FB Live stream tomorrow with Arelyna and PGCoffee! They’ll dive deeper into the first three Dragons and discuss their names, elements, and spells.

The final days of Wintertide are upon us, and we’re excited to look forward at all the new things we’ve got in store for ya this coming season. We’ll have all the detailed information about the season, the dragons, and other changes on our blog early next week!

P.S. I’m really loving these screenshots of our super goober faces that PGCoffee and I were making. :100:


Yeah I didnt think of atlas prizes as goodies :joy:

:thinking: maybe you can request hazard pay for the risk of being screenshot with goober faces…


Can you tell us when spring season will end? I’m trying to figure out what’s realistic for me to complete and I’d like to know how many weeks the season will be for sure.

I’m torn that the discount hunter is present - because I would also like to try for the “mythic” rider. Don’t think I can manage that many sigils - I may be able to do the “mythic” rider branch but not also token boost and discount hunter…sigh decisions decisions.

You know, honestly, since they are releasing 2 “Mythic” lines, it almost makes sense to release ALL of the legendary dragons and the bonus dragon at the season start, so players can make an informed decision.