sPvP Mini Event Idea

This is an idea that has been floating around my head for a while and since I got some time today ive decided to share it and get some feedback.

Lets start with defining sPvP (Structured pvp), it basically means that the pvp setting is created for you outside of the main game. This kind of pvp is often used in mmoRPGS like Guild Wars (Which I played professionally for 2 months, true story lmfao…). it ensures that players in a competitive environment have no advantage over each other regardless of how good of a gear they have in the core game.

Proposal, (Yes I do know this is a decent amount of coding)

Create a sandbox for this event where players get to build a base at different intervals (20,50,100,150 etc…), Every interval will need a specific tier require, for example lvl 100 base you will be allow to use any dragon from gold tier and below.

Would a level 100 be able to use dragons he doesn’t own to defeat a level 400 base? In my opinion yes, this will make it so much more fun and interesting but I can already see a lot of people having issues with this. A counter proposal would be to make every tier worth the same (or close to) amount of points, that way no matter if you are level 50 or 200 you will still be able to score high.

Additional Details

  • Divines will not be allowed, the purpose of this event is to test every player on equal grounds.
  • Sandbox bases should be boosted by default, same with the attacking dragons,
  • Any 5th spells that are limited such as super freeze and super TH should not be allowed (Although i’m not sure if that would really make a big impact anyways)
  • If the event happens to be point related I guess InnerF and Megas should be allowed, however there should be different stats for how many different bases you defeat with 100%
  • Smart Super-shot AI, super shots should not be random, so that even if a base is undefended, it will still create a decent level of difficulty. I’d propose to allow players to set up the first round of Super-shots for each base and have a general priority list for the second round assuming the first dragon dies.


  • A constant complain from players is that their lineage dragons don’t matter as much anymore, this will clearly create a new use for normal dragons and allow people to revisit their old forgotten dragons.
  • Gives player an equal competitive ground, a ton of people in league chat like to talk about their “skills” but no one can argue cause he is lvl 500 and will walk through your base. This is a chance to prove how good you truly are.


  • Is not exactly a big money grab, that’s why I suggested it as a mini event, a 2/3 days event that doesn’t compromise the normal rotation.
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I do like having some reasons to use old dragons in the game.

Perhaps the new announced team quests could also have a role in this. A team quest of “defeat 50 bases using blue tier dragons” would give low-level players a way to really contribute, and give high-levels a reason to dust off some old dragons. Not as engaging as your proposal, but also quite simple to implement/

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Its a “feel good” kind of event for players who wants to beat OG high lvl players on equal grounds. If PG sees monetary opportunity , why not?

But ill be honest with you, I dont want an event that will disregard my current progress in game. I only see ego boosting for lower levels to defeat higher lvls in this proposition.

I get the the idea tho, Ive played a game that has same kind idea of event ,proving who is really the most skilled player or atleast call it battle of skilled players, all players stripped off lvls and armors , but the gameplay more like a 3rd person combat PC game.

What you are suggesting is a solo type of flying right like assault? Oh wait i think its really similar to assault, only difference is u aint required to use divines? :thinking:

Yes thats the idea of sPvP, In my opinion some variation of sPvP should be present in all kinds of progress games. Think of it as a different game mode rather than an event.

I only ever did assault once, and i see the similarities but there are major differences. Assault is PvE to begin with, bases were undefended and for the most part it seem ppl were just abusing add on spells like Blue TH to defeat bases with ease.

In the original post i was gonna suggest to create an elo system based on this event, something that goes beyond the leagues but would still use the leagues for start up values the first time around. There are so many ideas and options to how this can work.

As for solo flying, dosnt have to be, if the enemy teams can defend with 3 then you can fly with 3. Depending on the difficulty PG could set the number of dragons needed to defeat the base anywere from 2 to 5.

I wish this is implemented for all attacks not just events lol


A nicely done base of lvl 100 with a dark flak as core damager(atleast 5 lvl 27-29? Could be 31), no gold dragon can pass an island like that if defended, thats why I thought your idea should be somewhat similar to assault.

Like alot of suggestions on the line , I still say they “PG” focus on releasing the “thing” first to everybody. U know what i mean.

Edit: i dont see much skills tested in flying gold - plat dragons. As for sapphire, only hau. For higher tier , no idea.

Hmm i dont see much skills in flying any dragon for that matter, sure you can say hau is the most skilled dragon in this game but in truth compared to most games it falls short.

I must admit i have no clue how hard a lvl 100 base will be with gold tier non divine drags, it was just an example.

I can probably destroy that with my lvl 30 Whalegnawer defended or not. If my Divines were good that will be easy.

Hauheset is definitely a skill-based dragon however Apophet also requires skill to fly if u want to take out bases a lot higher than your lvl. In Plat Tier Rizar is a challenging dragon that can take out strong bases but won’t have as much success as hauheset

that would definitely be interesting but I think many people would complain.

Sorry , I will just base this from my experience, but sadly he dies as quickly as a fly with the typical setup of my old teammates which was the typical dark flak, ice , fire(or storm) , blue red (this is lvl 90 + with 5 lvl 29 towers on short island or 100 with lvl 31 towers or could be higher (not sure with 31). If its with the storm setup your whale might be able to kill the storm, but next dragons are good as food for the towers.

Oh i thought it was normal for him to take out really high bases. :sweat_smile:.

I can kill the blue and red fast then cloak before mages hit me, avoiding the flak shot. (This happens while turning so storm shield won’t block me) Use equipped invincibility…kill a few more towers. Then cloak. Do you have a lvl 100 with the tower lvls specified? I can try if u want

ey let me also add, this will allow ppl to try tons of different layouts that they would otherwise never be able to. This game punishes base exploration like no other.

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