Squid lives matter


squishy the :squid: was eaten by the whale. bring him back :cry:


RIP Squishy. You will be missed. :sob: :squid:


Just so people know, this was an announced change. Moved it to off topic for the sentimental conversation.


I like my humpback whales better :eyes: And their return makes me want to go watch Star Trek IV :joy:


Whale lives matter! Long live the Flippy the whale!


The squid was an imposter who overstayed his lease. That ocean side apartment belonged to our beloved whale, Flippy. That Cephalopod was a squatter, it’s about time someone called the cops and pried his non-existent butt out of here. #WhaleLivesMatter #WelcomeHomeFlippy




:roll_eyes: this is funny, when we had the squid, everyone was clamoring to bring the whale back. Now we have flippy the whale back, some players (not saying it’s you) prefer the squid… :flushed:


I was an advocate for the angler fish lol


Stay at Whale please :pray::pray::pray:

I don’t want to be either Squidward or Octoplump :see_no_evil:


I wanted the angler fish too :sob:

at least we have calamari now


:rofl::rofl::rofl: at least the squid went to good use




Be careful, it could be pork bung… Especially if you don’t get the little clumps of tentacles along side the rings…


He will not be missed


Those are good sized calimari, where is this? Lol


I love that the whale is now Flippy.


Haha. You’re on to something here. :yum: