Stack up deadline 😢

30 minutes left and we run out of time, when we can see the finish line? :cry:

I guess if we all did our best that’s all we can do.
Rank 57258 was 2 days ago so a lot participated, it just wasn’t enough.

I’m sure they will donate the money anyway, or at least a pro rated amount. They wouldn’t want to come off as having benefited from this as a promotion and not reciprocated with a donation.

They set their sights a bit high asking the 60,000 players who are left to average over 350k points each in Breeding. TBH I’m surprised that the approximate average of 315k points each that is showing in the above bar was achieved. That even seems high. Diamond must have really carried the event. My S2 team averaged 266k each. My Alt’s P4 team averaged 83k (didn’t help that my alt only did 20 points total)

I wonder how the results would have differed if they’d have released the next tier. I know quite a few people who had nothing to breed this event because the new tier wasnt out. 22B was a pretty high goal when cutting out some of the end game players. I feel like this would have been better to have during the last breeding event of the season (assuming that’s when the Abyssal tier will drop)


Was thinking the same thing

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That would be extremely unlikely.

More likely your guess of 60k players left is quite a bit off, seems more like 200k+ by these numbers.

PG sets a goal when there are leagues that have all the dragons and nothing to breed. They should make the donation regardless as its a tax write off.

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Think this is the closure :grin:


Thought it was supposed to be $10,000?

22B point threshold isn’t reached…

But still, it is for a cause, what is $1500 more? Anyway, just saying :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:

You’re doing it wrong by asking me. :rofl:
@Crisis ?

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Well it’s a goal so that’s kind of the point. They’re doing one more tomorrow during the twitch stream


Don’t be sad. The donation goal was upped from 10k to 15k … and it was still exceeded. Go War Lords go!!! :+1:t3:


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