Stacked, Stomped, and Swallowed Mail

Happens in our team a lot.
Most of the time, our teammates won’t read officer’s mail due to being buried in either replies or new mails.

@Arelyna : is it possible to add a feature to make sure that officer’s team message will be read by all (such as pinned until being read) and make it can’t be replied?



A no reply option would be awesome

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Yesss, or maybe an officer only reply option

Edit: I really hate it when you specifically say “DO NOT REPLY” in the mail and yet someone on the team inevitably does :woman_facepalming:


I find that, if they can’t figure out how to read their mail, they typically don’t play the game very well either, as in don’t understand the basic mechanics of WarDragons…

But yes, a no reply option would be cool. But…the last time the played with the ingame mail system, it went psycho and we lost all our mails, so there’s that too…


Oh my god :scream_cat: :t_rex:

Hey, I was saving one mail, because someone told me I was “a nice guy”. First and last time I’ve heard that, so I was keeping it, for sentimental value :joy:


Well, you are :grin:

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No worries, I do that too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:

/s? :crazy_face:

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I think you’re a nice guy :sunglasses:

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Suck up :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

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It never fails… every time at least one player will, then rest of team never back page to see what you wanted them to read


When did the “reply all” button turn into the “unneccessary responses attempting to be funny” button?


On topic: That would be nice
Off topic: Anyone else send mail to themselves so you remember stuff?

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