Stacking attacks in a PvP event

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I’m a new player and I’ve been getting 3x the amount of points for using 3 dragons in a 73 point base. Is this how the points normally work?

So for super attacks and mega coin attacks, you get 3x the advertised points as well?
How do IF work in this case?

Thanks for any answers and I do apologize if these are very basic and stupid questions to ask. :slight_smile:

If you used inner fire in each round you’re getting exactly what you should be getting as inner fire is a points multiplier. With added bonus that Dragons equipped with inner fire that take 0 damage will not need healing time or potions.

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Say that the point you will get is points * m.
m = 1 for normal attack.
Add 1 to m for every IF used in battle (including assist).
Add 3 for Super attack, or 29 for Mega attack.

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@MaxxOverKill @OrcaFrost
Thank you for your clarifications! :slight_smile:

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