Stacking Base Runes and Glyphs

Currently in a debate about base runes and which of them stack or not. We messaged help for the answer but low and behold, received opposite answers… This is the debate:

If the setup of Runes/Glyphs are used, will they all stack and count or not.

As far as I am aware the answer is yes… They are all either differ stats or rarity.

Being told that because the 2 Glyphs are both Lumber super shot heals and lightning tower damage they do not stack, even though they are not same rarity… anyone have more insight into the issue? Specifically Id like someone besides a random player to give a definite. all opinions valued however.

@PGPulse Is this something that you can confirm?

My understanding is that as long as the two aren’t the exact same in fucntion, which the game will block, you’re good to go. Though they have the same name, one is for mills, while the other is for farms.

Edit: More broadly speaking, rarity treats them as different as well (e.g. epic and legendary will stack).

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My understanding is these stack. Rarity difference is still a difference. The game itself prevents you from equipping non stackable runes anyway as it won’t show as an option if you have two of the same and one is already equipped.


What Grumpy said. If you can put it on a monument or a dragon it can stack. The game will prevent you from placing a rune that wouldn’t stack.

In general

  • same rune name, same quality, same type (rune or glyph) :arrow_right: you can’t equip more than one
  • same rune name, same quality, different type (one rune, one glyph) :arrow_right: you can equip
  • same rune name, different quality (Epic and Mythic by example), same type :arrow_right:you can equip

Let me know if I’m wrong.

I also think that secondary stats for epic and above are not taken into account, just the main name of the rune/glyph.

Edit : apparently you can stack two epic runes of the same name but different secondary spells.

PS : note that a rune can stack on a dragon but not be effective if this Dragon doesn’t have or cannot equip that spell. Adding resist to a dragon only works if this Dragon has the resist, consumable or naturally.

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You can stack two epics of the same type, as long as the secondary is different.

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PGPulse has already been tagged, he’s the one who knows most about Dragons and spelks, PGJared is the manager on the forum and PGDave is mostly focusing on Atlas. I don’t know about PGDraco but there’s no need to call on PG employees if you don’t know their roles on the forum or other…

Yup quick PG Role search and there it is! Wasn’t aware they had individual roles. Apologize, thanks for that information. Forums still new and getting used to the changes yet. Again thanks…

For example, if i equip 1 Mythic rage rune and 1 Mythic rage glyph, will they stack?

Those will stack as well.

Here is a pretty much a run down on Runes and Glyph interaction:

Rune and Glyph are different entity so if you have a rune that has the same stat as the glyph, you can place them together on the same dragon/monument.

however, if it’s both rune and stat, it won’t be equipped the second time.

Rune A
main stat - Increase X stat by %%
sub stat - Increase Y stat by %%

Rune B
main stat - Increase X stat by %%
sub stat - Increase Y stat by %%

Rune C
main stat - Increase X stat by %%
sub stat - Increase Z stat by %%

You can’t equip both Rune A and B, but you can equip both Rune A and C because they have a different sub stat. the only thing i dont know is the max cap on each stats.

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Well considering this is my exact setup (not sure if you got my screenshot somehow?) i can say that the healing done by each farm/mill is absolutely fantastic.

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I can promise I had nothing to do with this one :rofl:



This is what I go by, your top two won’t stack bc they are exactly the same… if they were a lil different, then yes, hope this helps


Sorry, yours is fine, bc they are all diff…

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That’s what I was looking for! Couldn’t find that page… not sure why it never came up in any searches. Thanks!!

Mechengg lol! I’m almost tempted to say your stalking me then… Copy Cat!

Thanks for all the replies, some were helpful. Proved what I thought so that’s great!

You’ll actually want to use the new CRM, though, at ; I think helpshift would get retired eventually? It doesn’t seem like the Rune FAQ is there yet, though.

@PGJared Are things still being moved over?

Your welcome Killer

Lol… @mechengg being called a copycat… smh… 🤦

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I asked in another topic. But its good to ask here again
If i equip mythic rage rune and mythic rage glyph( they have different 2nd option: cloak and invert), will the rage regen stack together?
Then what if i equip another epic Rage run?
Then i have 3 Rage regen stacked together?

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