Stacking Flaks and Timing

I recently came across a base, and it was the first time I had ever seen this setup, I asked my team mates but nobody knew, here’s a screenshot of my questions:

It was the kill island, had 2 darks in front, red mage rear mid, and fire / ice on either side rear.

It’s not possible to put 2 dark flaks on one island.


Maybe you left dark flak long enough for it to fire two supershots at your dragon :man_shrugging:t2::see_no_evil:

How did I get stunned twice? I explicitly remember all 3 of my drags not be able to attack two separate times, my warriors breath just stopped.

I def wasn’t able to kill either flak, which brings me to my next question, how can we time our super shots? Like if I want one tower to go off before another, do I have to wait until after the first one fires to activate second super shot? I can’t just add my super shots at once? Losing a few seconds to wait until first tower goes off can make or break a defense.

How many shots can it get off in a given time?

The other part of my question, with fire and dark, if both towers go off at once, by the time the stun ends, the fire reduction, does it pick up after dark, or are they simultaneous? Thus losing fire reduction

Spam your flak towers.
DF’s are very effective at disrupting warrior damage.

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That makes some sense, if I’m defending my own base, what about attacking a base with dual Flaks? In the run I experienced, there was no defender, does an undefended base have different timing mechanics?

Yes, one supershot every three seconds to a random tower.

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What do you mean random tower? Fogive me but it sounds like you’re saying regardless of what tower I apply SS to, they go off randomly, regardless of what order applied?

If you are defending, the towers you supershot will fire. As long as you see the ‘Queued’ banner on top of the tower, they will fire at the same time.

If there is no defender:

Ah ok, any insight into stacking Flaks?

probably because the supper shot stack twice by delay network then it fire 2 supper shot in a row

Probably defenders spamming supershots.

This is why I don’t use warriors.

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i think one dark flak per island.

Yeah, just chain debuffs when one supercedes the other.

If you had infinite supershots or two alts to work as perfectly coordinated defenders, you’d want the pattern to be: dark flak stun, fire flak damage debuff, repeat.

For debuffs that stack and reinforce each other, you want them to coincide. E.g. if you’ve got a fire turret in 6-7th position on a long island, you ideally want its supershot to coincide with a dark flak supershot (because that does massive damage), but this is pretty hard to do.

In practice, this can be pretty impractical to make work, since the attacker’s reaction window is a lot smaller than yours, and most recently designed dragons have either significant burst damage or some form of disable. But, yes, assigning all your supershots at the start like >90% of defenders do is usually the worst way to defend.

That would make sense actually, I’ve been in Greece with awful WiFi.

No defender

Ok, thank you very much :call_me_hand:t2:

I use dark and fire flak… I use ss on dark once, and then keep reloading fire flak shot, so dragon keeps having damage reduction. Works pretty well… if the dragon is strong they usually get my storm, but that’s about it.

That’s the only SS you use? Do you have fire and ice on your kill island?