Stagnation: A Call To Failing Teams!


Some of you reading this may find the whole premise ridiculous; but I urge you to approach this discussion with an open mind and clear sense of logic.

I have spent the vast majority of my 18 months on this game in Platinum leagues. I have been part of a newly created team, a merge, I’ve even been a refugee afloat in the Platinum sea after my team sank to the depths. In my time in Platinum I have watched as one team or another -no matter what ties bind it’s founders, no matter how vigorous and motivated the team members- make the push in to Plat; where they stall, fester, and ultimately die. This is certainly not the case for all teams, but I believe that most of us with eyes can agree that it has been occouring all too frequently. I might go so far as to say this is becoming more commonplace as new players join, and veterans players retreat from the competition of the higher leagues. To my eye, it seems that at least half of all teams in the Platinum leagues are struggling daily to build and maintain a reliable team of 50.
From personal experience I understand the internal battle of the officers and notable players of a failing team. Pride and optimism, or a sense of loyalty to those we’ve flown with can drive a team to hang on even when hope has flown.
“We can do it. We just need to recruit and replace one alt at a time. It might take a while, but we’ll get there. :grin::+1:”. How many of us have read or written similar messages? But does our drive to maintain the comfort of the status quo blind us to the truth? Do we really have a shot?

For the teams who are constantly topping out at 230 flames in wars. The teams where several players must maintain multiple alts to keep their team off the dinner table. The teams who have turned on their auto accept and are just praying to be stumbled upon by a “not too bad” candidate. For the teams where one Obsidion flyer is getting into arguements with their family or spous because the only way for their team to win wars is for them to sit with their device for hour upon hour to back runs. For all of the officers who have gotten mid way into a merge negotiation that fell through because neither party could agree on which team would live on.. Is it really worth it? How long will you let your team limp around like a wounded animal? Pride is known as the deadliest of sins for a reason.

So here it is:
I urge the leaders and prominent members of all the struggling Platinum tier teams out there to honestly evaluate their team’s position. Some teams are struggling more than others, but we can help one another. If a team comes together in an honest and logical debate, untainted by pride and pretty feelings, and reaches the conclusion that they are, in fact, only 50% of a team–it’s time to face facts. Any officer of experience (in Plat) can tell you that recruiting is hard. Getting one or two solid members from a recruitment thread is a good haul. Several is rare. To recruit half a team is very near impossible. Therefore, I believe it is incumbent upon those teams, those leaders, to make a sacrifice for the greater good of all.

It’s a simple enough concept: A team which has perhaps only 25-30 solid players or less can not survive in Platinum. So why not establish contact with multiple other Platinum teams; those who perhaps need “just 5 more solid players for a good team”? Break the failing team up into factions, and send one to each team to bolster their ranks. Yes, I am essentially asking for volunteers for sacrifice.. Once the initial distaste of the concept fades away, consider the benefits.
If that one team of 20-30 struggling, miserable players was humble and courageous enough to break into 4-6 factions; they could solidify the ranks of as many teams. The players of each team involved would not only reap the benefits of true teamwork and cooperation, but the likely alliance which would be fostered through their new common ties. Not to mention the excitement of meeting new people, while still having the ability to maintain friendships and rivalries with former team mates. You begin with half a dozen struggling, frusterated teams, and end with five solid teams who are once more able to enjoy the game with mates they can depend on, and immediate strong connections to several comparable teams. Sounds like a no brainier? :thinking:

Player satisfaction in WD seems to be hitting a low. While we players have no control over many issues in this, we have the power.. If your team is unhappy, be honest with yourselves. Step up, leave your fears and pride aside, and seize happiness for yourself!

I think I’ve pontificated quite enough now. May the debate begin. :blush:

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Why only Plats teams? Sadly most of Sapphire fits into this too.

But your right, more teams need to die for there to be a larger numbers of truely good
Competitive teams. I would argue 1/2 the team out there could probably all go. But up into Diamond you will find teams being held together by a handful or in some cases A single player(s). This is not just a plat issue



I’m saving that to my camera roll, mech


I believe this bunny. A sacrifice will be offered


I did not include Saphire because my experience in Saph 3 lasted exactly 1 week before my former, overly-ambitious, team got Sparta Kicked back to Plat. You may certainly feel free to share your experience and ideas. Going on gut instinct alone, Ido think that this is a bigger issue in Plat than Saph though; simply because the greater competition in Saph forces greater participation and cohesion.


No it doesn’t, it forces a bigger big. That’s it.


If that’s the case, I stand corrected. I simply did not wish to stray outside my own experience.


Haha fair enough. Good post :blush:


I can’t like this enough. Trawling through recruiting posts, whether here, Line, or Facebook, the sheer number of teams looking for “just a few more good players” can be quite depressing.

I often think that people forget that the team is the players and not the name. If people were a little less attached to team names (and officers and leaders not so attached to the rather awful and thankless positions in leadership) it would be easier. I happily gave up leadership to someone I trusted after sending some players here, some there, and the rest to a merge after a short, harsh trip down the league slides. Best decision I made for enjoyment of the game. The decision was prompted in part because I sent my main away from the team on vacation. To diamond. I know that is the first place we all think when we want to send an account on vacation right? But seriously, it was easier than being an officer on platinum team struggling to recruit “just” ten active players. And I’d forgotten what it was like to be on a fully functioning team until then.

But I don’t know, maybe there’s more to why this doesn’t work out more often, besides that everyone wants their team to be the one to get the glory?


Edit: After taking Mike’s words into consideration, I have amended the title of this thread so as to encompass all leagues.


I can relate to this post. Most teams want to succeed but we have may factors coming into play, some of it is personalties, and ego … a bit part, … Teams might succeed if egos and personalities did not get in the way, but they do… I agree we could use less teams with problems, but we would have less conflicts in life if this were to change, Here Here


A lot of teams have been recruiting based on level. I’ve even seen a plat 3 team demanding level 350+. Point is that the problems you bring up are partly caused by misguided recruiting. From my own experience in plat league I can say that a lv 100ish player with high activity and high event participation has so much more potential than a lv 200+ player who has average activity. Then again those kinds of players are not all that common. But if more teams kept an open mind on the size of players and focused mainly more on daily medals, event scores, breeding progress, activity level, etc when recruiting, then plat league would be a lot more fun for teams to be in.

Just my opinion from the perspective of a mid level player.


Yes! It seems to me that one of the biggest general issues is that people are setting unrealistic goals and are unwilling to compromise.


K in theory this is a fantastic solution. I agree this reinforces a bigger big. Tbh that is part of what he’s aiming for so idk why you’re shunning this. The goal is that it would basically sift out a lot of mismatched teammates and force the leagues to fit more appropriately. Platinum would likely consist of lvls strictly below 200 along with all the weak higher tier higher levels from 150-250 who don’t have a well fortified base. Which would increase competition. Activity demands from teams will be met because tagalong’s won’t take as much advantage of a leader’s patience during their struggle. Over-backing and huge out performers can have a reasonable balance with work-game-home time. Lower leagues and levels will definitely have to start pulling their weight and bide their time instead of being semi-skyrocketed by high egg rewards and atlas benefits and rss availability (leave this exclusively to the alts) The weak won’t starve and die off. (That’s what’s happening now isn’t it!?!) Only the inactive and unworthy. Which obviously is why this post was created because battlebeard was pretty clear about what he is talking about. Hope that helps.


I spent the better part of two years on a platinum team that eventually reached the point of struggling to keep enough members to stay viable. I’d been an officer on that team for a while and finally said “enough is enough.”

I left to go join a Sapphire team. A friend of mine that I knew back when we were in the same platinum league, back before the league restructure, if that gives you an idea of how long I’ve known him :laughing: had been trying to get me to join his team for a while. I have to say that it was refreshing to be on a team that wasn’t struggling, and even better to not carry the weight of being an officer.


I have a team I’m extremely fond of that has been dealing with this to one degree or another. It’s frustrating since every time we start getting momentum 2-3 players stop participating. I feel badly for our officers as they’re genuinely awesome, hard-working people consistently working to improve things despite the setbacks.


I think many of us have experienced this. I just left a team where I had been an officer before giving it up. We had the same issues, though the 2-3 non participants was increasing to 4-5 at times. Seven of us gave our notice and took our leave. We made inroads with several other teams who were willing to take other active players from our team, but our old mates decided they’d rather stick it out (go down with the ship if you ask me) rather than risk trying something new. It’s not like you’d be leaving the team alone…I’m talking groups of 4+, so that some familiarity and comfort can survive in the new team.


I spent the majority of my time playing this game playing in platinum started out in gold back in the winter season with tarand. We were originally sandbagged out of gold due to activity level prior to league restructure (had a total of 3 players around 100) because we kept coming in first (team of large alts did not like their prize tier and it took effort to beat us). Got destroyed in platinum for about a month or so and then it was pretty decent…league restructure [not implemented well], mega coin, and the end game scaling (saphire wall) are what caused stagnation. If you dont address those issues it really does not matter how you combine teams the game eventually becomes a full time job, money pit, just plain boring, or a combination of all 3.


Perhaps this idea of condesning teams does not address or solve the issues at hand completely; but to do nothing at all for ourselves when this idea at least has the potential to be beneficial seems foolhardy. :man_shrugging: